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These days, it seems like everyone is either becoming an influencer or working with one. More and more brands are working with an influencer marketplace as a way to organically boost the reach of their content. Why? Because influencer marketing works. And, it can work for you! Research shows consumers rely heavily on recommendations from people they know. In fact, 88 percent of consumers say those recommendations are the most trusted form of advertisement, according to Nielsen.

Wondering whether or not to outsource influencer marketing?

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Why You Should Work With an Influencer Marketplace

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to find, engage and work with influencers is to use an influencer marketplace. Influencer marketplaces are technology platforms that connect brands, marketers, and companies interested in creating new content and reaching new audiences with creators and influencers who create highly shareable content and promote it to their audiences.

Some influencer marketplaces only specialize in certain industries like fashion, fitness or food. Others are platform-specific offer only Instagram, YouTube or Twitter services. Some platforms offer a comprehensive catalog of services including both content creation and influencer marketing. While others offer a very narrow scope of service like managed- or self-service-only.

Though it may seem like a new influencer marketing agency and influencer marketplace pops up every day, many are just riffs on the same idea. Each come with their own unique sets of benefits, opportunities, and challenges. But the best influencer marketplaces are the ones that offer the services that align best with your industry, goals, and budget.

So, Goldilocks, we created an infographic to help guide your marketing dollars toward an influencer marketing solution that’s right for you. One that’s not too hot, too cold, but just right. Go ahead and dig into the snackable content below and see if you come away full of new ideas.

How to select an influencer marketplace