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After reaching 1 billion monthly users, Instagram surprised us with IGTV. IGTV is a service that promises an exciting new way for users to engage with their audiences for a longer time. Yet, more content creation creates a greater need for a good IGTV content strategy.

This beginner’s guide to IGTV content strategy steps through everything you need to know to start creating compelling video content to further your brand’s reach on social media.

The Benefits of an IGTV Content Strategy

Developing content for IGTV has the potential to improve brand reach and provide new avenues to develop a loyal fan base. There are many good reasons for starting your own IGTV content strategy:

People watch a lot of video

Studies suggest the average internet user watches 1.5 hours of video every day.

Video is the future: Many marketers recognize the importance of video as part of a successful content marketing system. Of those who don’t use video currently, 65 percent plan to start within the current year.

Longer videos

It’s always been possible to share video on Instagram, but prior to the launch of IGTV the length of videos was limited to 60 seconds. Through IGTV, larger users with verified accounts have the option of posting videos that are up to one hour long.

Having an in-built audience

You’ve spent a long time building your Instagram fan base. The good news is, when you create your IGTV channel your entire audience immediately starts following it, making it a fantastic way to move into video for the first time without having to develop an audience on a new platform.

Cross promotion

Links within your video descriptions are clickable, so every video you post is an opportunity to direct viewers to your online store, official blog, or one of your other social media ventures.

Improved engagement

As of September 2018, IGTV doesn’t offer a way to monetize videos; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities for building your business. Studies have revealed viewers find videos particularly engaging, with videos generating 1,200 percent more engagement than images and text.

An opportunity to educate

Posting videos doesn’t always have to be about generating immediate revenue; videos are a fantastic opportunity to showcase new products, to increase brand awareness, and to teach your audience about how to use your products correctly.

Taking advantage of the vertical video format

More than 75 percent of worldwide video viewing is on mobile devices. IGTV specializes in vertical video, encouraging users to post in an orientation that’s more natural for the way in which viewers normally hold their phones, and therefore making it easier and more comfortable to browse the content.

Developing an IGTV Content Strategy

As with any form of content marketing, when you start working with IGTV you need to have a clear idea of what you’re trying to do, how you’re trying to do it, and how you’re going to evaluate your success. Consider the following steps for helping to ensure you get the results you want.

Understand the Platform

According to a 2018  eMarketer digital video forecast report 2.38 billion people will watch streaming or downloaded video content. IGTV is a strong move by Instagram to seize a portion of that market.  When users create an account, all of your Instagram followers immediately start following you, so it’s easy to hit the ground running.

When creating videos, remember they have to be in the vertical format and no more than one hour long. It’s not possible to shoot  IGTV videos from within.  This is why you should consider  other methods for capturing the videos for higher quality content.

Develop a Plan of Action

IGTV videos are a great way to develop your content marketing system. They work in tandem with other content and marketing initiatives.  Generating their own income through advertising . Additionally, they help  build engagement with an audience, educate viewers about new products and  drive traffic to your sales channels.

Carefully Consider your Approach

Haphazardly uploading videos when the mood strikes may not generate results. Make sure to  take the time to carefully consider your approach. Develop a content schedule and stick to it so your fans always know when new content is on the way. Try to post frequently. The modern world moves quickly. If you aren’t generating fresh content daily there’s a risk of being left behind.

Create Compelling Content

Ensure your videos are interesting, fun, and speak to your target demographic.Improving exposure can be done with a variety of tactics. For instance, short eye catching titles  that clearly indicate what the video is about. . It’s possible to upload custom thumbnails, these help viewers to identify what your content is about.

Make good use of the hashtag

Keep in mind Instagram has taken the idea of the hashtag to heart, and it’s become a powerful marketing aid. Regular Instagram posts may include up to 30 hashtags, and the same rules apply for videos on IGTV. Take the time to research the best hashtags for your business.


Creating video content is particularly challenging. It takes time and effort, and you may need access to cameras and lighting rigs that come at a cost. The investment in time and money means it may be worth to outsource content. There are content marketing marketplaces that make it easy to get in touch with the right people.

Tell the World

While the fledgling video-sharing service is still learning to fly, it’s important to make sure people know about it. There’s no point sharing videos that nobody sees. Use your main Instagram feed and other social media platforms to promote what you’re doing. Take every opportunity to walk people through the process of accessing IGTV because many may not know what it is.

Takeaway: Start Planning Today

IGTV is still new, and there’s no time like the present to get involved. Start developing your IGTV content strategy now and you may become a trendsetter and market leader on the new video-sharing service.

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