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Social media is a great place to brush up on grammar and editing advice. If you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks, look no further — we’ve rounded up the best grammar influencers ready to impart their wisdom.

Grammar influencers teaching editing and proofreading

Ms. James — iamthatenglishteacher

Ms. James takes to TikTok to teach her 5.7M followers the correct forms of grammar in fun and encouraging ways. As one of the most popular grammar influencers on social media, Ms. James rose to fame for uploading content that breaks down forms of English and explains everything from capitalization to vowels and consonants. Whether you’re looking to expand your vocabulary or touch up on some grammar you learned in school, Ms. James is your teacher. 

Ryan Choice

As an educator and graduate of Columbia University and Berkeley, Ryan helps others learn to further their education. With a following of more than 307.6K, Ryan has become one of the most popular grammar influencers on TikTok. His videos focus on helping others succeed on the SAT and ACT. He fills his feed with informative yet entertaining posts.

Lucy Simkins

With 1M followers on Instagram, Lucy has become one of the most popular and viewed grammar influencers on the platform. From pronunciations to adverbs, Lucy fills her feed with educational posts. Her page is full of colorful videos that make learning about grammar and English exciting.

Mignon Fogarty — The Grammar Girl

Mignon is a successful writer who uses her knowledge of grammar to teach others on social media. Through her podcast and Instagram, Mignon talks about the ins and outs of grammar and the origins of words. With a following of more than 18K, Mignon has become one of the best grammar influencers on Instagram. She fills her feed with educational content while ensuring that her posts are entertaining.

English with James

For the last 26 years, James has been teaching others about English. Since 2008, James has taken to YouTube to upload easy-to-understand grammar content. His more than 4.62M subscribers learn about compound words and which words to use in specific situations.

Michael Bjork

With a solid following of more than 241K, Michael helps others grow as writers and understand grammar. Michael uses his platform to educate others on everything from the correct tenses to writing your own character descriptions. Michael encourages his followers to learn grammar in a fun way.

@michael.bjork Replying to @traumabug Should you use present tense in your stories? Or should you use past tense? Both have their strengths and weaknesses. #bookwriting #writertok #presenttense #writingtips #booktok ♬ original sound - Michael Bjork

Nicole — The Grammar Guru 

Known as the “Grammar Guru” on Instagram, Nicole teaches others how to learn natural English grammar. From posts with grammar-related questions to the correct grammar to use in common conversations, Nicole shares it all. Nicole also shares videos explaining English slang and teaches her followers how to pronounce words correctly.

Adam — Adam’s English Lessons

Adam has more than 3.25M subscribers on YouTube. For 14 years, Adam has taught others worldwide how to better understand and speak English. From writing skills to pronunciation, Adam fills his channel with helpful tutorials.

Grumpy Grammar Guru

Mr. Grumpy is a TikTok influencer who posts about the art of writing and understanding grammar. With a following of more than 37K, this grammar influencer creates informative yet entertaining content. From definitions to fun and educational grammar riddles, this TikTok account is bound to teach you something and keep you interested.

@grumpygrammarguru I have a grammar riddle for you. Name a common English word with three consecutive sets of double letters, excluding hyphenates and proper nouns (answer in comments later). 🤘🏼 #GrumpyGrammarGuru #copyediting #CopywritingTips #Inverted ♬ Palmer's Arcade - Mitch Murder

The Grammar Goat

The Grammar Goat shares all the basics you need to learn. From grammar and copywriting in the workplace to the correct common phrases to use in everyday language, The Grammar Goat has got you covered. More than 269K followers see creative and colorful content that grabs attention.

Antonio Parlati

This Italian grammar influencer has a passion for learning other languages and teaching others the correct grammar to use. Antonio has more than 6.1M followers on TikTok who see his educational content. This grammar influencer posts videos on common mistakes in English and past and current tenses. From misused English words to fun educational content, Antonio shares it all.

Jo — Jothewritingcoach

Jo uses TikTok to teach others the ins and outs of writing and the gramma. Jo fills her feed with fun writing prompts for her following of more than 15K to enjoy and educational videos that explain English grammar. From the power of pronouns to simplified punctuation explanations, Jo teaches her followers about reading and writing.


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