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If you’re a marketer looking to increase your reach and engagement on social media, buying shoutouts from influencers is an effective way to do so. Whether you want personalized celebrity messages or Instagram shoutouts, there are simple ways to purchase these services without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can buy shoutouts from influencers using The Creator Marketplace®.

What is The Creator Marketplace?

The Creator Marketplace is an influencer marketplace in which influencers can create listings for things like personalized celebrity messages or Instagram shoutouts and sponsored posts, among other services. Brands can browse through the Marketplace of already-listed services and contact individual creators directly if they have a specific need. Brands can also create Casting Calls in the Marketplace, asking influencers to pitch themselves for specific jobs and projects, like Instagram posts. 

How to buy shoutouts from influencers

Once you know what kind of services you want to buy from an influencer, it’s time to search for one who fits your needs. You can browse through the listings in The Creator Marketplace and contact individual creators to get the conversation started. Alternatively, you can post a Casting Call detailing your project details, the compensation and the deliverables. Creators will submit their proposals via text or video pitches, and then you can choose one that best suits your needs at the right price.

When purchasing a listing, you can select a deal that a creator offers. The prices vary based on the scope of work, days for delivery, the number of revisions and the type of content licensing. If a creator’s deal is appealing, but you would like to request some changes, message the seller and begin a conversation. Often they can accommodate.

Options are add-on services for the listing you are purchasing. After you have selected your deal and options, click Buy Now to head to Stripe checkout. Once the order is funded, the creator will begin creating content.

Screenshot showing Listing Overview

When the content is delivered (which can happen outside the platform) and approved, follow up with an email thanking them for their time and effort. The creator will receive a secure payment from the Marketplace.

Buying shoutouts from influencers is easy when you use The Creator Marketplace — just search for what kind of services you need (like website content, videos or Instagram shoutouts), choose an influencer that fits your budget and needs, negotiate terms (if needed), buy the listing, accept the content, then follow up with a thank-you email. And if you want influencers to pitch themselves for your opportunity, create a Casting Call. Get started today for free. 


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