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When you think of influencer marketing, what sites come to mind? Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, right? But don’t forget about Pinterest! The image-based bookmarking site that’s particularly appealing to crafters, DIYers, cooks, and anyone else who appreciates decent lifestyle content. But how does one find Pinterest influencers?

Pinterest might rank below the other social media sites when it comes to consumer and creator use. But, it’s still a platform worth exploring, especially if your brand has any connection to lifestyle topics. Pinterest Influencer Marketing can be huge for brands in the lifestyle and crafter vertical. Here’s a brief rundown of how to find Pinterest influencers and why they’re worth it.

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The Value of Pinterest Influencers

Among creators, Pinterest is the fourth most popular platform, according to the 2017 State of the Creator Economy (SOCE) study. In 2016, 80 percent of creators were using Pinterest. That’s impressive, considering that in 2014 the site didn’t even rank among creators as a platform to use.

Pinterest influencers can take many forms. They can be individuals (usually bloggers or designers) who have built up large followings on the site. They can be publishers who have also developed a large presence on Pinterest, and who use the site to promote articles and content on their own website.

According to data from Pew Research Center, slightly more than a quarter of all adults in the US use Pinterest. Compared to other social networks, where use among men and women is most equal, the number of women who use Pinterest vastly outnumbers the number of men. Pew found that 45 percent of all online women use the site, compared to just 17 percent of online men.

Most of the site’s users fall between the ages of 18 and 49. They are spread fairly evenly across income brackets, but the vast majority have at least some college education or a degree. Given that most online shoppers fall into the most common age range of Pinterest users, the site provides an ideal platform for marketers.

According to statistics from Pinterest, the vast majority of users on the site (93 percent) use it to plan purchases. Even more importantly for influencer marketing, 87 percent say they’ve purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest.

Who Are Pinterest Influencers?

What does it take to be a Pinterest influencer? And who are some of the site’s most well-known pinners?

Like any other social media site, a combination of followers and engagement is key to influence. One of the most popular pinners is Joy Cho, who has nearly 13 million followers.

Cho’s a blogger and designer who has a colorful, eye-catching aesthetic. She uses her 87 boards to share things she likes, and to promote a number of partner brands and products. For example, she’s often worked with Target, creating home decor and baby product lines.

Another popular pinner is Maryann Rizzo, who has more than 9 million followers and almost 300 boards. An interior designer, Rizzo is behind the blog Curated Style. Her boards are full of breathtaking images and clever ideas for life improvement.

Maryann Rizzo Pinterest InfluencerHow To Find Pinterest Influencers & Connect With Them

If your brand would benefit from partnering with a big name on Pinterest, you may be wondering what’s the best way to find Pinterest influencers? And after you find them, how do you connect with them? Although some pinners do make it obvious on their Pinterest profiles that they are open to and looking for partnerships, one of the simplest ways to connect with an influencer who’s actually looking for a campaign is to use an influencer marketplace.

When you use a marketplace, you’re able to sort through lists of available influencers based on the platforms they use and the size of their influence. Although you might think that a huge following automatically means more influence, it’s often the case that those with smaller followings have more engagement and more influence with a certain demographic.

Before you try to contact a pinner, take a close look at his or her profile, get a sense of his or her typical rates, and look at any past campaigns to see what the impact of those campaigns was. When you use an influencer marketplace, all the information you need is right at your fingertips, so you won’t risk trying to partner with an influencer who’s not a good fit for your brand.

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