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YouTube has always been a video powerhouse. Every minute that passes, an estimated 500 hours of content is uploaded to the platform. Keep these YouTube strategy tips in mind to continue to benefit from the platform’s strength even as TikTok follows close behind.

TikTok has quickly risen to popularity with its short video format. Right now, people spend about the same amount of time each day on TikTok as they do on YouTube. The chart below shows that American adults spend about 45 minutes on each of the platforms, according to Insider Intelligence.

Insider Intelligence Time Spent on Youtube chart

The competition has brands wondering, “Will YouTube remain relevant?” Experts say yes, but marketers need to prepare for a shift.

Reasons marketers should stick with YouTube

Even as TikTok’s popularity climbs, experts say YouTube’s viability will remain. So, if you’re tempted to step back from YouTube in favor of TikTok, experts advise against it. Why? 

  • YouTube is a cross-generational platform, meaning it attracts people of all ages. 
  • It has a user base that’s about twice the size of TikTok.
  • YouTube is an effective channel for influencer marketing campaigns.  
  • It has seen time spent on the platform remain steady (at around 45 minutes) for years.

3 YouTube strategy tips

Right now, experts believe YouTube’s relevance in the social sphere will hold, but that’s not to say that marketers shouldn’t prepare for change. Over the next few months, make sure your YouTube marketing efforts factor in these tips: 

Plan live streams

YouTube is the top-ranked source for viewers to watch live streams, and experts believe the platform will lean into this feature in 2022. Shoppable live streams are predicted by the year’s end. 

As a result, start honing your live stream skills. Get your audience used to your brand going live on YouTube. Whether you introduce new products, have influencers model new accessories or get the CEO to answer live questions, it’s important to have a live presence on the platform. 

Put some ad dollars into Shorts

Shorts are YouTube’s version of TikTok videos. As the name suggests, they’re short videos. Right now, there aren’t many ad options for Shorts, but that is set to change. YouTube plans to introduce more ad options and commerce features. By the end of the year, marketers can link their product catalog to Shorts and make them shoppable.  

Even without the ad options in place, the chart below shows consumers make purchases after watching a YouTube video. But, you’ll notice the same amount of people make purchases after watching TikTok videos, too. 

New advertising options for Shorts could start to tip those numbers in YouTube’s favor. When new ad options are introduced, invest a small percentage of your ad budget into them and see how they do. 

Team up with influencers

Many brands are working with YouTube influencers to promote their product organically. Research shows 42% of marketers are using the video channel for influencer campaigns, with expected growth to 44% next year, according to Insider Intelligence.

YouTube is teeming with creators, so it’s the perfect ground for influencer marketing campaigns. Aren’t sure how to find an influencer? Try using influencer marketing software, where you can discover, communicate, collaborate, and pay creators from one dashboard. 

What kind of campaigns should you consider? A duel live stream could be a good idea. Later this year, YouTube plans to release a new feature that gives two people the chance to go live together. So, you could have an influencer in Venice, Italy, and one in Detroit, Michigan, who show off your brand’s new product line to their followers — and your potential customers. 

With two hosts, the audience size increases and introduces your brand to more buyers. 

While you await the dual live streaming feature, you can team up with an influencer for a product review, unboxing or a demonstration. 

Need some inspiration? PlayStation asked tech influencer iJustine to unbox and review PlayStation 5. Audible, Amazon’s audiobook feature, worked with influencer Matt D’Avella to show people how easy it is to incorporate an audiobook into his workout routine. VPN Express worked with competitive eater Matt Stonie, who promoted the company in the middle of an eating challenge.  

YouTube has 17 years of experience on its side, but that’s not stopping TikTok from becoming a formidable opponent. As the rivalry evolves, so will marketers. In the coming months, keep an eye out for new YouTube features that can propel your social selling and don’t be afraid to try them out. 


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