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U.S. viewers will spend an average of minutes a day on YouTube in 2022, according to Insider Intelligence. Influencers and brands are constantly working to grow their audience. There are various strategies to help grow your YouTube subscribers.

How to grow your YouTube subscribers

To steadily grow your subscriber base, try some of these tips:

Include a call to action in videos

It might seem obvious, but asking viewers to subscribe to your channel in a call to action at the end of a video is a simple way to increase subscribers. Many influencers and brands include on-screen “Subscribe” buttons encouraging viewers to subscribe as well.

Start your video with a short explanation — a sentence or two — about the content you share so new viewers get an introduction and are more inclined to subscribe if they are interested in your videos.

Use YouTube’s subscriber tools

YouTube has some built-in tools you can use to reach new viewers, including end cards and brand watermarks. End cards, as the name suggests, is a card that appears at the end of the video with a clickable subscribe button. A brand watermark is a clickable subscribe button that appears when a viewer hovers over the right corner of a video.

Create engagement “activities”

Consider engagement activities that not only engage your current audience but new subscribers, too. For example, host a giveaway where your subscribers must share a video with their audience to enter the contest. Subscribers get a chance to win prizes, and you get added exposure. 

Cross promote YouTube on other channels

Make sure your website has a visible link to your YouTube channel, embed a YouTube video on your blog, and ask followers on other channels to check out your YouTube channel. 

Consider creating “teasers” as a cross-promotion tool, too, like an Instagram Reel that encourages viewers to watch the entire video on YouTube. 

Review #hashtags

Take some time to research and identify hashtags that can help new viewers find your content and channel. Start with general hashtags, explore the content that’s returned, and review the niche hashtags used. 

Brand your content

Every day, 720,000 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube. To stand out, consider creating brand elements for your videos. For instance, you could add a logo to the bottom corner of your videos or create branded thumbnails for a sleek look. Consider unique banner art for your YouTube account, too. 

These small measures make your videos more identifiable and give them a professional edge, which is appealing to new subscribers. 

Create playlists

Organize your videos into playlists so that when a viewer finishes one video, another one from your playlist runs next. If a new subscriber finds a video of yours, they’re more apt to subscribe if they’ve seen a handful of videos they like. 

Collab with influencers 

Reach out to influencers to see if they’re up for a collab using IZEA’s influencer marketing software. Influencers can get together and do a live stream, team up for a giveaway, or host an event together. This kind of promotion is a win-win for both influencers. 

YouTube is working on a collaborating live stream feature. too, Go Live Together, which could make this option even more viable. 

Stick to a schedule

Give your viewers information about when you plan to post new content. Stick to a schedule that you follow consistently. Viewers like to know what they can expect from YouTube channels and when to come back for more.


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