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We love our modern remote workplace at IZEA for various reasons. These eight IZEAns agree that working from home beats going to an office.

Why we love IZEA’s remote workplace

Ashley Carugati, Corporate Controller

“We have fun at IZEA by breaking up our day with things like icebreakers. We try to keep the conversation open. We are constantly Zooming or Slacking, checking on each other, and just keeping everybody happy.”

Alexa Sonderman, Senior Campaign Manager

“I love working from home. I love the flexibility that it gives me in my day-to-day to build my schedule to work for me. I’m very process-oriented and I like spending my days in a very organized way, and being at home gives me the opportunity to build things the way that I want them to be.” 

Sydney Hembrough, Associate Campaign Manager

“I love the flexibility of working at home and just being able to be in my own space where I’m productive.”

Kinley Meyer, Campaign Manager

“It really gives a great work-life balance. There’s a lot of flexibility, but also you’re able to create your own space where you would best be productive. I think it’s also fun to kind of move around to different areas and be able to work in different places and still do your best and get your job done.” 

Rebecca Whyte, Associate Community Manager

“I like working from home because I love my space and I have been working from home for almost my entire career. I’m really comfortable there and I know how to just get my work done efficiently in that space.” 

Addi McCauley, Executive Director of Client Development and Innovation

“For me, working from home has always been something that really allows me to maximize my time and that’s even more important now because I’m a working parent. The ability to get up, not have to commute, and actually spend time with my daughter in the morning really sets my day off with just such a bright spot, and I can then show up and be very present to work when I need to be.” 

“I love that there’s that trust in the employees here to be able to balance our time in the way that works for us but also works for our clients and our colleagues, too.”

JT Bell, Manager, Data Analytics & Strategy

“I like working remotely because I love traveling, so it gives me the ability to travel and go anywhere I want. And I love rock climbing, so it also allows me to do what I love as a passion and then also be able to do my work at the same time.”  

Minh Nguyen, Software Engineer, Emerging Platforms

“What I like about working remotely is the time you save from commuting and there’s a lot more flexibility.”

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