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IZEA has many parents on its team. Five IZEA moms are sharing their experiences being parents in a remote workplace.

5 IZEA moms share their experiences

Meagan Steiner, Director, Client Service Operations

“Working for a virtual company has been a HUGE benefit for me as a working mom. By eliminating my daily commute I’m able to actually enjoy a fun morning routine at home with my soon-to-be 3-year-old son rather than rushing to get out the door to beat the traffic.”

“Being a parent comes with daily highs and lows. Trying to find the work-life balance as a parent is even harder. I’m so glad to work for a company that supports me not only as an employee, but also as a working mom. When kids are home they are welcomed Zoom meeting crashers.”

Melissia Bruehl, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

“I​​ have so many things I could say about the ways that IZEA supports parents, but the one that I love is that our leadership, and everyone really, understands that your family is a part of who you are. My leader is always so very thoughtful in asking about my kids. He pays attention and knows the challenges and the celebrations and is interested in what is happening in my life.”

“One thing I’ve learned is that we all have them and no parenting story is perfect. My family started shortly after I started working at IZEA and my twins came 7 weeks early. It was something that could have been so stressful, and don’t get me wrong it was, but stressful from a work aspect having been with IZEA less than a year. Both (our CEO and COO) were so very supportive, even coming to visit the twins and me in the NICU.”

Addi McCauley, Executive Director, Client Development and Strategy

“The biggest challenge I think for any working parent is simply time management and living in the unpredictability. IZEA’s shift to a fully remote workforce has in many ways helped with those challenges, though.”

 “Not having to commute to an office makes it easier to fit in time with my daughter in the morning before work and allows me to be home to put her to bed. I also don’t have to stress out as much if she unexpectedly wakes up not feeling well or needing to be home with some extra attention.”

“While any professional has had to learn a lot of resiliency and the ability to stay focused in the midst of uncertainty the last few years, there are extra variables that working parents have to juggle.”

Rebecca Curran, Partner Client Services 

“Being a parent is hard no matter what. But with working and now working from home there’s a new set of challenges. I’ve worked from home my entire IZEA career. Throughout my family’s journey, IZEA’s commitment to supporting all of us to be our best selves has helped me as a mother and employee.”

“As an organization, we are client first and of course committed to proving valuable partnership. And we can do that and put our families first with truly flexible schedules, the best tech in the industry, and a connected team that supports each other.”

“And really I think it comes down to our leadership walks the walk. I’ve never felt like I have to choose when something’s important for my family. In fact, we’re encouraged to take the time that we need to attend our kids’ events, take our PTO, and enjoy our time with our families and really disconnect.”

“Through the pandemic, we’ve all learned new ways of working here and I believe we found that we have even greater success now because we can be even more productive by allowing people to work in ways that are best for them and when we do that we really can elevate the service to our clients.”

Kristen Smith, Managing Account Director, East Region

“I have had the pleasure of working at IZEA through many life stages, including become a mom twice. Throughout the journeys of pregnancy, maternity leave, adjusting back to work and COVID, I have felt fully supported by IZEA. IZEA provides flexibility and understanding for the unknown challenges that can arise as a parent, and it’s wonderful to work for a company that not only celebrates family but encourages a healthy work-life balance.”

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