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More bookworms are taking to social media to share their favorite books, authors, and genres with their followers. In fact, according to the New York Times, staying home in 2020 was great for book sales. Print books had their best year in a decade, e-book sales increased, and audiobooks went up 16.5 percent from 2019 to 2020. That popularity is still easy to see on Instagram, where the #bookstagram hashtag has more than 77 million posts. These #Bookstagram accounts share their reviews, recommendations and latest hauls.

14 #bookstagram accounts to follow for reading recommendations

Tonja – Booksnbikram

This Instagram account focuses on both books and yoga. Tonja, who started the account, shares BIPOC reads and recommendations with her 12.9K followers. You’ll find what she is currently reading, books she is donating to a Little Free Library, book giveaways, and lots more.

Reese – whatreeseisreading

Reese is a social studies teacher who has the goal of reading at least 100 books in 2022. She shares her latest reads and reviews with her followers. Her dog sometimes makes an appearance as well.

Yuki – yuki.reads

Yuki has a passion for stories. She shares her enthusiasm for reading with her 34.4K followers. If you love a bright aesthetic, you might enjoy her rainbow-colored collection of books. Find book recommendations by genre, summer reads, latest reads, and more on her account.

Reese’s Book Club

We can’t possibly not include Reese Witherspoon’s book club, which has become one of the largest book accounts with over 2 million followers. Each month, Reese chooses a book for her followers to read. The unique part about this? Reese makes sure that the book she chooses has a woman at the center of the story!

Elizabeth Sagan

Elizabeth’s book obsession and love for being artistic has helped her gain over 200K followers who keep coming back for her unique posts. Her artistic Reels and photos showcase some of her favorite characters and scenes, using books as her props. Elizabeth is also the co-founder of My Book Features, where she shares and features other #bookstagram-worthy content on Instagram.


Belletrist is an Instagram book community created by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss where followers can find a new book every month. Emma and Karah started Belletrist after they spent years mailing books to each other from New York to Los Angeles. They moved their book club online in 2017 when they started Belletrist.

Elle Read Some Books

Elle, a 22-year-old living in California, loves reading and rating books. She’s also a literature major and spends her free time sharing her favorite books, current reads and unsolicited book advice with her 58K followers.

Mentally Booked

Taryn is another bookworm who shares her current reads with her 41K followers. Her feed is filled with bright book covers and aesthetic shots of the books she’s reading. She shares lists of books you can read in particular genres, such as queer young adult books, new releases, and recommendations.

Anuradha Bhaumick

If you’re looking for a unique #bookstagram account to follow, @hooplaback.girl is the account for you. Anuradha creates embroidery collages for scenes, books that she loves, or her Comfort Collection, which is a theme she started in 2020 when more of us were staying home and getting back into reading.

Read With Kat

Katharine is a book lover in Baltimore who shares the books she’s reading with her 29K followers. Katharine also lives with cystic fibrosis and sometimes talks about that as well. You can expect to find comforting book posts, new books she’s looking forward to reading, and her love for the Little Free Library.

Kaven Books

Kaven is a book lover who also has a knack for comedy, which she showcases in her Reels. One of Kaven’s most popular themes is around the popular “A Court of Thorns and Roses” (ACOTAR) series in which she pretends to be characters from the book and recreates scenes with a comedic twist. Kaven loves reading so much that she actually decided to write her own fiction book called “A Forbidden Fate.” .

Yelli3 Reads

Danielle’s Instagram is filled with books of all kinds. She shares her extensive library, book reviews and even collabs with brands like The Bookish Box. She loves hearing from her audience about what they’re currently reading and even promotes new books coming out from authors, both big and small.

Whether you’re looking for a bookworm account to find your next book or you’re hoping to find an #bookstagram influencer to work with, one of these accounts will definitely do the job. You can find other influencers throughout all genres to work with today here.


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Books Tea Henny

Oscar is a bookseller and barista at Uncle Bobbie’s. His catchphrase is Books Tea Henny because he loves books and someone spilling the tea. Oscar shares in-depth book reviews on his Instagram with almost 14K followers. He also loves sharing his shelfies of his home library.

Solostin Books

This 21-year-old shares her favorite and current books with her followers and has a goal of reading at least 150 books in 2022. She shares a lot of beautiful book photos as well as a few of herself, but she always covers her face with a book or a rose.