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Red Bull, Brita, Coca-Cola, Patagonia, Heineken and Xbox all have brand ambassador programs. Often seen as brand-loving consumers, ambassadors post to social, attend events and engage with customers on your brand’s behalf. To show your appreciation for their hard work and commitment, consider these ideas for what to offer brand ambassadors:

1. New products

About to release a new line of products? Let your brand ambassadors be the first to try them out. It’s a simple way to spread the word on social media while ensuring your favorite content creators feel like they’re in the know.

When Heinz released a line of sugar-free pasta sauces, it sent a sampler pack for each day of the week to nano influencer Elle Jenkinson, who highlighted the gift in a multi-photo spread on Instagram.  

2. Something to style

Rather than sending a branded piece of clothing, footwear, or furniture, consider opting for something versatile that a brand ambassador can put their own spin on. 

When online fashion retailer Oh Polly wanted to gift mid-tier TikTok influencer Julia Ernst with a piece of clothing, the marketing team chose a plain black romper for its versatility. Julia posted a video of her styling the romper into a variety of looks. 

3. Subscription 

Subscriptions can provide an ongoing reminder that your brand appreciates the time invested by those in a brand ambassador role. Whether it’s a 3-month, 6-month, or one-year subscription, you can find something to fit almost any interest and taste. 

For example, a subscription to content-creation tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop could make useful gifts.

If your brand offers a subscription, give ambassadors free access to the monthly treat. When kids activities directory Club Hubuk wanted to treat those in brand ambassador jobs to regular game nights, it sent nano-influencer and mother of three Mel a three-month subscription to Lazy Horse Games. She posted a photo of her gift on Instagram, tagging both companies and describing what they offer in the text. 

4. A gift box

Not sure what to offer brand ambassadors with whom you’re still getting to know? Think variety.

Brands will be hard-pressed to find a more beloved gift for brand ambassadors than a gift box filled with a mix of goodies. When Nominal wanted to send gifts to 150 influencers, they managed to find the perfect balance between personalization and volume. 

The high-quality jewelry started by having their designer create a customized box and added rose petals, cookies with the company’s name, hand-packed jewelry in beautiful bags, and a card with an exclusive video from the founders. Each of the 150 boxes included a hand-written note and beautifully adorned bows and closures.

When Nominal posted a video of the contents and prep process on its TikTok page, it garnered a huge response from followers requesting to become brand ambassadors. 

5. An ambassador dinner party

Looking for brand ambassador incentives that also build community? If your ambassadors are local, consider throwing an appreciation dinner at an upscale restaurant. It’s a great way not only to show your gratitude but also to build camaraderie among those who are dedicated to promoting your brand.

Skincare brand Tatcha not only treated their ambassadors — including TikTok macro-influencer Brianna Renee — to dinner, branded drinks and gift bags with their products, but also gave them Uber codes for free rides to the event. 

6. Experiential gifts

Consider a special treat like a self-care treatment on special occasions like a holiday or the anniversary of your ambassador program’s launch. Look for spas or salons that offer variousa range of services, including facials, massages, lashes, mani-pedis, and hair treatments.

Toronto-based micro-influencer Mary Tang highlighted her gifted experience at a local spa on Instagram, where she indulged in a facial, thanks to La Vitalite Med Spa. 

7. Tech 

With a few exceptions, everybody loves getting tech gifts. Choosing what to send may depend on how many brand ambassadors you’d like to gift, the value of your partnerships, and any limits set by your brand ambassador program rules or budget. 

Think about gifts that can help ambassadors in their roles like a ring light for their phone, GoPro accessories, a tripod for a smartphone, or a digital notebook. 

You can send these as a one-time gift or ambassadors could earn them through a structured loyalty program. Ambassadors can earn points for activities and exchange those points for tech gifts.

If your brand sells tech, the gifts could be brand related. Oral hygiene company Oral-B gifted Instagram nano-influencer Sarah with an electric toothbrush with five smart modes, which she spotlighted in a post to her followers.  

If you’re looking to show your gratitude to one or more of your brand ambassadors, try some of these ideas. Your generosity can help cultivate a long-term partnership. 


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