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Finding up-and-coming influencers in a sea of social media accounts can be overwhelming. Finding the right partnerships for new influencers or brands looking to work with micro-influencers can seem impossible. These 12 up-and-coming influencers in 2022 are ready to keep growing, connect with their community and collab with brands. Some are available to work with in The Creator Marketplace®, too.

12 up-and-coming influencers to check out

Cee — What Cee Says

Cee is a lifestyle and up-and-coming fashion influencer who shares her family adventures on Instagram. This Disney and fashion-loving mama has plenty of posts sharing her favorite outfits as a size 16. You can see how to work with Cee here.

Sumire — Pastel Gemmm

Sumire is a spunky, fashion-loving TikToker whose platform grows the more she shares about her midsize fashion. Her page is filled with fashion, beauty and hauls of her favorite pieces. 

Mariam Nouser

Mariam is another up-and-coming fashion influencer to keep an eye on. Mariam shares her love for plus-sized fashion on Instagram and motherhood, beauty, lifestyle and wellness. Mariam’s feed is filled with beautiful neutrals and a few brand partnerships as she continues to grow her account.

Alicia Persaud

Alicia is a Toronto-based influencer who has taken to TikTok to share her humor, which has helped her account grow to over 17K quickly. She loves sharing some of her favorite brands in between her humorous content, so keep a lookout for that.

Chiara Flattery

Chiara is a lifestyle and parenthood Instagram influencer in the DMV area who grew her account to over 22K followers. She loves sharing simple and beautiful photos of her family.

Courtney Capano

Courtney is a new twin mom who has been sharing her journey of learning to be the best mom she can be. Her channel has continued to grow as an up-and-coming YouTuber with all of her helpful twin and motherhood content.

Pustika Samaddar

Pustika is another up-and-coming influencer on Instagram. Her profile grows quickly with her bright and colorful travel content and affordable fashion

Megan — Miss Mrs Mom Life

This mom influencer has been growing her Instagram account talking about parenting and affordable fashion. Her style is simple, affordable and cute, and she shows how to find fashion on a budget.

The Ball Family

If you’re looking for an up-and-coming family account to follow or work with, then the Ball Family is for you. Brian, Tasha, Jayden and Phynix share their favorite amusement parks, travel and family fun.

Alliy Scott

Alliy is a mom who shares her life with her kids and their new house on YouTube and Instagram. Alliy calls herself a non-judgy mom friend and offers her practical tips for pregnancy and vlogs as a stay-at-home mom with two kids.

Emily Smith

If you’re looking for beautiful photos of family fun and food, then Emily’s Instagram account is for you. Emily shows her home decor, family life and lots of photos of recipes she’s made.

Laura Flanary

Laura of Laura Live Well is an up-and-coming influencer on Instagram who grew her following with her colorful wellness content in her posts and Reels. Her account features healthy recipes and easy tips on incorporating more wellness into your life.

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