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Travel influencers are as diverse as the places they visit. From family travel influencers looking for toddler-friendly locales to digital nomads who traded their 9 to 5 routine for a life on the road, there are many different kinds of travel influencers you can work with.

12 travel influencers who are ready to work with your brand on Shake

Kristin Wilson

Known for her digital nomad lifestyle, Kristin has 123K followers on YouTube. One of her most engaging videos, which offers a look at how the U.S. differs from other countries, has 1.8 million views. This Florida native and influencer has worked remotely and traveled for the last 15 years and offers her subscribers a look at topics like her favorite places, real talk on why Americans leave Costa Rica, and how to make money online.

Josh Bender

A “nerd at heart” who has a passion for tech, gadgets and travel, Josh runs his own travel site, He went to Beijing for the Olympics and has some amazing pictures of the Hua Shan Mountains on Twitter, his social channel of choice. With a knack for snapping landscapes, this influencer wows followers with pics of Drum Tower and Terracotta Warriors.

Alexandra Pinheiro

Alexandra has two passions in life: modeling and traveling. This tall beauty with naturally curly hair shares photo shoots and her favorite destinations on Instagram. Fun snaps in the dry climate of Arizona or wandering with penguins at Boulders Beach, are just some of the visual delights that this influencer offers her almost 8K followers.

Maria Mastrella

Maria’s travel plans are made from her Toronto home and shared on Instagram, which is aptly named Lovers Of Living. Most of her trips are within Canada and the U.S., like treks to Goblin Valley State Park in Utah or spring adventures in Ontario. When she’s not traveling, you’ll find this young influencer with a coffee in hand or a camera.

Krista Marie

A “travel junkie” hailing from Ontario, Canada, Krista’s trip list includes Disneyland, Yoho National Park, and Phang Nga, Thailand. She’s a fan of mountain vistas and poolside views. This influencer isn’t afraid to travel off the beaten path either, and often finds sites that aren’t listed in guidebooks.   

Jonathan Sacks

Jonathan runs a travel blog, Everybody Hates a Tourist, where he offers tips to help travelers blend in and enjoy the local sites. On Instagram, he shares natural wonders like the Mobius Arch in California and Leiden, Netherlands. You’ll also get tips on the best food and drink in every place this influencer visits.

Michelle Callaghan

Michelle is the mind behind Tiny Travelers, an Instagram account that follows her two young children, Ava and Leo, as they explore new locations. From train spotting at Pemberton Tramway to smelling sunflowers in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam, this Australian family makes travel look easy — even with toddlers in tow.

Emma and Ofer

This married couple embraced the nomad lifestyle about two years ago and have shared their journey on YouTube. Their channel includes tips on visiting the Galapagos Islands, advice on touring Tulum on a budget, and handling COVID-19 travel restrictions. These influencers aren’t afraid to try something new either, like eating bugs in Mexico. 

Chelsea Mack

A wayfaring soul who has lived in Canada, Asia and Europe, Chelsea has an Instagram full of snaps that look more like screensavers than actual photographs. This #traveldame and influencer has toured Greece, Banff, Australia — and everywhere in between.

Brittany Hausman

With a TikTok channel named Britts Bella Vista, this influencer helps travelers explore Northern California. From coastal winery suggestions and short hikes around California to hotel reviews and breakfast spots in Sacramento, travelers get insider tips before they visit. 

Hayanna Iguchi

A surfer who lives to find the best waves, Hayanna’s Instagram is full of beaches, boards and bikinis. With roots in Bali, this influencer visits home often and loves to share snaps from her favorite surfing spots, like this one in Canggu.  

Noah Grant

A Florida State student who’s set to graduate in 2023, Noah offers his TikTok followers a look at fun spots to visit in his home state, futuristic travel ideas like the first space hotel and botanical gardens that should top everyone’s must-see list. He’s a young influencer who also gives his 68K followers a glimpse of his college life, too.


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