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Influencer marketing continues to grow, especially in the travel industry. Millennials and Gen Z prioritize experiences over purchasing homes and cars, according to Mediakix. That means there’s more demand than ever for travel influencers. While many content creators are young adventurers taking on the world single handedly or with a partner, there’s another group of travel influencers making waves: parents.

These are the influencers who prove that having a family doesn’t have to mean settling down. Here, we list 10 of the best family travel influencers you’ll find if you run an influencer discovery search for the travel industry.

1. Travel Lover Marta (@learningescapes)

Marta is a travel-loving mom and wife who flies all over the world and shares her incredible adventures on Instagram. Her travel companions are husband Philip and her two children. Over 17,200 fans follow her jet-setting tips and top ideas for family vacations.

2. The Life Of Spicers (@spicers1976)

Angela is a UK-based micro-influencer with just over 1,500 followers on Instagram. Her focus is on family travel that also includes pet-friendly travel. After all, for many people, the dog is just as much a part of the family as anyone else.

3. The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)

It takes great courage to pursue your dreams, but the Bucket List Family were prepared to roll the dice. They sold everything they had and left home to see the world. The family of four have been traveling ever since, sharing their experiences with a growing audience. They have 1.9 million followers on Instagram and another 875,000 followers on YouTube.

4. Andrea Duclos (@ohdeardrea)

Andrea (who prefers to go by Drea) is a writer, photographer and author. She spends her time with her husband and daughter, and they’re often traveling in search of new experiences. She maintains a blog, which she supplements with social media content. She has over 53,800 Instagram followers.

5. Carful of Kids (@carfulofkids)

While many travel influencers are constantly crisscrossing the globe, others focus on destinations a little closer to home. Catherine has three kids, and they all love to cram into the family SUV to travel America. The family has road-tripped through the lower 48, visiting national parks and cultural icons. As they’ve traveled, they’ve amassed an Instagram audience of more than 2,800 fans.

6. Our Vie (@ourvieadventures)

Our Vie (“our life”) is the brainchild of Cees Cornelis and Madison Elizabeth. The couple are “professional adventurers and full-time travelers” who have visited all of the U.S. national parks. They travel in their little “home on wheels” with baby Theodore and Vladimir the cat; over 49,700 Instagram followers are along for the ride.

7. Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo)

Eric Stoen has earned an enviable position in the travel industry, with Forbes naming him the fourth-most-influential traveler. What makes this even more impressive is that he has made his name traveling with his kids. Eric has visited over 90 countries, including 60 countries with his family. He’s built an Instagram audience of 146,000 followers and is the ambassador for AFAR and Mizzen + Main. He uses the hashtag #takeyourkidseverywhere to build his brand.

8. Walking On Travels (@walkingontravels)

Keryn Means is a travel writer and content creator who started the Walking On Travels blog to share her travel advice and stories. If you’re an active parent and want to know how to incorporate travel into your family life, this mom and wife is on hand to help. In addition to her blog content, which includes packing lists, restaurant reviews and cultural events, she also has a strong social media presence. She has over 22,000 Instagram followers.

9. Ciao Bambino (@ciaobambinotravel)

Ciao Bambino is a travel agency that specializes in custom family vacations and provides family travel advice. The company blog has received several awards, including the bronze Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Website. Everything Everywhere also named it a top 10 travel blog. The company’s Instagram account provides supplemental content and has more than 2,700 followers.

10. Kim-Marie Evans (@luxurytravelmom)

Kim-Marie Evans is a mom of four and the founder of Luxury Travel Mom Media. She’s the travel editor for Greenwich Magazine, maintains a successful blog and uses social media to engage with her audience. What makes her content so refreshing is her self-effacing honesty. She openly admits that her life isn’t always glamorous, but if you follow her on Instagram you’ll think it is. She has over 7,600 Instagram followers and another 28,000 on Twitter.

Final Thought: A World of Opportunities

The number of travel influencers is booming. While it’s great to have so many options, that choice comes with an increased likelihood of overlooking talent or making the wrong choice. Influencer discovery tools help by making it easier to find and engage with content creators who have the skills and audiences to support your brand.

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