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As more of us recognize the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, sustainable living quickly becomes an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Influencers have successfully tapped into this trend, reaching millions with authentic content on topics from upcycling to eco-friendly travel tips. But who are the sustainability powerhouses that are truly driving the conversation when it comes to making meaningful lifestyle changes? We’ve rounded up our top picks for influencers inspiring positive change and helping members of the social media community develop a sustainable mindset. Discover how these sustainable living influencers help others live more ethically and greenly.

Sustainable living influencers with all the eco-friendly tips

Erin Rhoads 

The Rogue Ginger is another Aussie on a mission. Erin Rhoads is encouraging her 26.4K-plus followers to throw away less, eat whole foods and live a healthier life. Haircare without hurting the environment? We love that and all the healthy products she shares.

Jonathan Levy

Think it’s all ladies blogging on sustainability? Jonathan, formerly known as Zero Waste Guy, has 25.1K followers on Instagram by sharing tips on how to eat and live great in a sustainable way. He shares everything from homemade soda to drying his clothes on old fashion and recycled clotheslines.

Jasmine Rogers — thatcurlytop

Jazmine, also known as thatcurlytop online, is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer. She is the founder of the blog Sustainable Baddie, a platform that shares posts about how to be environmentally conscious without sacrificing creativity and style. She also has a large following on social media with 99.6K Instagram followers and 55.2K TikTok followers.

Natalie Kay Costello — Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic has gained more than 84.4K Instagram followers by showing be fashionable while still helping the environment. Natalie posts trendy outfits that have been recycled and prove sustainability can still be stylish. She shares everything from her favorite second-hand clothing spots to homemade holiday crafts.

Wendy Graham 

Moral Fibres is based in the U.K. with more than 14,400 Instagram followers who are interested in sophisticated tips designed for modern living. Her book on natural cleaning is also available on her site.

Dominque Drakeford

Dominique Drakeford of Melanin & Sustainable Style is adding a fresh perspective as one of the top sustainable living bloggers. Along with fashion and beauty, her 24,300 Instagram followers learn how diversity is sustainability.


Looking to make your home beautiful while keeping the environment in mind? Check out Onyalife, with more than 35,800 Instagram followers. You can order bread bags and everything else you need to shop bulk and reduce your waste.

Sustainability in Style

Sustainability in Style combines two trends: fashion and sustainability. Get inspired along with her 19,900 followers on Instagram who love her beautifully curated photographs and courses to keep you learning.

Michael Mobb 

Based in Sydney, Michael Mobb is The Off Grid Guy. His blog is filled with information about retrofitting urban homes in a sustainable way, and he’s got almost

Micaela Preston

Mindful Momma seeks to do the amazing: raise kids without impacting the Earth. Micaela Preston’s blog is filled with all kinds of practical advice on everything from healthy food to beauty products. She currently has 6,489 followers on Instagram.

Addie — Old World New

A simple way to go sustainable is to repurpose and reuse. You’ll be impressed by all the ways Old World New encourages this. More than 19,700 followers on Instagram enjoy her fresh take on fashion and eco-living.

Sam Bentley

As a sustainability enthusiast and climate activist, Sam fills his TikTok feed with his passions for living clean. As the author of Good News, Sam teaches others the importance living a sustainable lifestyle has on the earth. His posts range from solar paneled boats to examples of sustainability around the world.

@sambentley This little device drills seeds into the ground to help them grow! #fyp #foryou #goodnews #regeneration #conservation #innovation ♬ original sound - Sam Bentley

Venetia La Manna

Former fast fashion addict, Venetia now uses her TikTok to prove that fair and clean fashion can still be trendy. The sustainable fashion influencer has gained a following of more than 45,600 from sharing stylish outfits that are more environmentally friendly.


boohoo orchestrated a *boohoo only* panel at Source Fashion show in London to discuss "ethical clothing" and "industry collaboration", so we went down to call out the greenwashing and hypocrisy.

♬ original sound - Venetia La Manna

Wandy — Wandy the Maker

As a 22-year-old advocate for sustainability, Wandy has built a platform on TikTok from sharing his second-hand creations. The eco-friendly influencer uses upcycled material to create new outfits for himself as well as others and has gained a following of more than 360.8K along the way.

Kat — climatekat

Known on TikTok as “Ur Climate Gallie,” Kat has gained the attention of more than 4K followers as she shares her love for passion for living sustainably. As a student of sustainability, Kat is always learning and sharing her finds with her followers. She focuses on climate news, solutions, and comedy as she talks about everything from wealth inequality and climate change to the latest news in the fossil fuel industry.

@climatekat Anyway 21st of April outside Westminister bring ur signs ✨🕺🏼✨ #climatechange #protest #climatestrike #climateactivist #climateaction #earthday ♬ original sound - Yeezy

Megan McSherry 

Popular on TikTok for her sustainable lifestyle and love for eco-friendly fashion, Megan joins our list of the top sustainable influencers on social media. She has gained more than 92.9K followers by talking about her interest in imperfect environmentalism. Her posts often include her favorite thrifted styles as well as sustainable roadtrip experiences and advice for those trying to live greener.

@acteevism Sustainable fashion is a valuable and important part of the environmental movement as a whole. Slow fashion IS activism! #sustainablefashion #slowfashiontiktok #grwm #getdressedwithme #fitcheck ♬ original sound - Megan McSherry - eco fashion

Leah Thomas

As an author, climate optimist, and environmental justice advocate, “Green Girl Leah” is well known for her love for all things sustainable. As the founder of a non-profit organization that focuses on the diverse future of environmentalism and supporter of community driven climate justice concerts, Leah is very active in the sustainable community and shares her love for a healthier lifestyle with more than 241K Instagram followers.

Sally — callmeflowerchild 

Sally is a Mexican-Salvadoran influencer who is a mindful closet advocate who promotes conscious consumption to reduce environmental impact. As an environmentalist, she also believes in park access for everyone and shares this view with her 34K Instagram followers. She also shares short updates with over 19K TikTok followers.

Max La Manna

A host on BBC Earth, Max likes to share ways to reduce food waste. It’s a lot easier than you think and he’s here to show you how. Eating food is just one part of a meal, Max shows followers the rest. He also has a cookbook.


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