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It’s not just for tree-huggers anymore. Sustainable living has become a hot trend for anyone who understands that the earth won’t last forever. Sustainable living is simply a way of living that requires as few resources as possible and causes the least amount of damage to the environment, according to

Not surprisingly, there are a large number of influencers on social media who focus on this topic from various angles. They often partner with brands to showcase ways to use your consumer dollars mindfully. Some also wrap their sustainability messaging around other hot topics, like #vanlife and RV living.

To stay informed about eco-friendly life, follow these top sustainable living bloggers:

Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic has gained more than 86,000 followers on Instagram by showing how you do not have to sacrifice fashion in order to help the environment.

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess, created by Jennifer Nini, produces a podcast along with a website filled with curated news on beauty, wellness and fashion from a sustainable perspective.

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is Bea Johnson’s site that proves you can travel internationally and still not fill up a trash or recycling bin. Check out her blog, or become one of her 100,000 Facebook followers.

Sustainable Daisy

Sustainable Daisy’s blog is filled with cute ideas for upcycling fashion, career tips for environmentalists and simple, everyday tips — like buying a reusable coffee cup. Be one of the more than 1,000 followers who discovered one of the up-and-coming top sustainable living bloggers.

My Zero Waste

My Zero Waste packs in a lot of content with its daily blogs on downsizing and single-use plastics, as well as fun ways to reuse tricky trash like old bottle caps. It’s one of many great personal development sites that thousands are following.

Zero Waste Guy

Think it’s all ladies blogging on sustainability? Follow Zero Waste Guy who has more than 26,000 followers on Instagram for tips on how to eat and live great in a sustainable way.

Green Tas Builder

Green Tas Builder is a new blog from a couple in Tasmania, Australia, who are building a sustainable home out of hemp. They were blogging on another project since 2015 in a creative, educational way.

The Rogue Ginger

The Rogue Ginger is another Aussie on a mission. Erin Rhoads is encouraging her 20,000+ followers to throw away less, eat whole foods and live a healthier life. Haircare without hurting the environment? We like that.

Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is based in the U.K. with 3,500 Facebook followers who are interested in sophisticated tips designed for modern living. Her book on natural cleaning is also available on her site.

Melanin & Sustainable Style

Dominique Drakeford of Melanin & Sustainable Style is adding a fresh perspective as one of the top sustainable living bloggers. Along with fashion and beauty, her 17,000 Instagram followers learn how diversity is sustainability.

Get Green Be Well

Get Green Be Well focuses on how sustainable living can, in fact, be healthy living. With more than 24,000 followers on Instagram, she shows how the sustainable life can be fun, too.


Looking to make your home beautiful while keeping the environment in mind? Check out Onyalife, with more than 23,000 Facebook followers. You can order bread bags and everything else you need to shop bulk and reduce your waste.

Sustainability in Style

Sustainability in Style combines two trends: fashion and sustainability. Get inspired along with her 20,000+ followers on Instagram who love her beautifully curated photographs and courses to keep you learning.

The Off Grid Guy

Based in Sydney, Michael Mobb is The Off Grid Guy. His blog is filled with information about retrofitting urban homes in a sustainable way, and he’s got almost 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma seeks to do the amazing: raise kids without impacting the Earth. Micaela Preston’s blog is filled with all kinds of practical advice on everything from healthy food to beauty. She currently has 3,700 followers on Instagram.

Selva Beat

If you’re wondering how to send cards in a more environmentally friendly way, or even have questions about CBD hemp oil, look no further than Selva Beat. This nano-influencer blog is an online magazine on everything sustainable. Join 3,300 followers on Instagram to see what it takes to be vegan and palm oil free.

Laura Trotta

Laura Trotta’s blog has all kinds of interesting information that can inspire you, from biking to work to diving deep into a dumpster. You can also check out her podcast, which is another great medium for sharing sustainability.

Fashion Hedge

If you think sustainability isn’t chic, then check out Fashion Hedge to get schooled. Six hundred followers on Facebook enjoy her eco-conscious fashion photos for inspiration.

Eco Gypsy

Eco Gypsy, the blog written by Electra Gillies, hails from Bali, where natural materials and sustainability are a way of life. With more than 46,000 followers on Instagram, she is one of the top sustainable living bloggers who show that fun, sun and sustainability work together.

Glamorganic Goddess

Beauty is a big question people have when embarking on the sustainable lifestyle, and the Glamorganic Goddess shows in her blog that, yes, you can have DIY beauty. With more than 12,000 followers, this influencer shares hot, eco-friendly brands for beauty.

Style With a Smile

Going vegan is one of the most effective ways to help the environment, according to The Vegan Society. So join the followers of Style With a Smile to see how it can be done with grace and without guilt.


Life+Style+Justice is a blog with 14,000 followers on Instagram who care about environmental justice topics from around the world. Hannah shares that sustainability may start at home, but its reach is worldwide.

The Peahen

Addicted to fashion? Constant consumerism is part of the problem, but reducing your footprint does not mean you must sacrifice style. Check out The Peahen, based in the U.K., to see why more than 500 people like her ethical fashion tips for a mainstream consumer.

Sierra Camelia

Sierra Camelia lives in Austin, Texas, and shares her non-toxic lifestyle and life coaching with nearly 2,500 followers on Instagram. From food to finding friends in animals, her blog is both aspirational and down to earth.

Old World New

A simple way to go sustainable is to repurpose and reuse. You’ll be impressed by all the ways Old World New encourages this. More than 1,800 followers on Facebook enjoy her fresh take on fashion and eco-living.

These top sustainable living bloggers also use vlogging and other media to reach a larger audience. It’s not so much about popularity with these influencers. It’s mostly about making a difference in your everyday life.