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Living a healthy and low-impact lifestyle is beginning to become more popular. People are beginning to focus on living in a greener and more safe manner. In the United Kingdom, these ethical and environmental influencers practice sustainable lifestyles and show their followers how to do the same. Check out our list of UK sustainability influencers who advocate for positive change.

UK sustainability influencers to follow

Wendy Graham

Wendy s one of the most popular sustainability influencers in the United Kingdom. Wendy is the writer and creator of her blog Moral Fibres, and she uses this platform to encourage her readers to “sort the green from the greenwash.” In addition to her blog, Wendy uses her Instagram platform to share green cleaning, ethical fashion and natural beauty products.

Besma Whayeb 

Besma is a sustainable fashion influencer in the United Kingdom. She enjoys sharing kinder and safer ways her 13.9K Instagram followers can live and dress. She is the creator of the Curiously Conscious blog and talks about what materials and brands her followers should be purchasing to live safer. In addition to her Instagram and blog, Besma has another Instagram page, Ethical Influencers.

Jessica Cresswell

Jessica, also known as the Woodland Wife, is an environmental influencer that lives in the woods and enjoys sharing the simplicity this type of lifestyle provides with her Instagram followers. Her Instagram is full of sweet photos of her family practicing the same slow living and green lifestyle.

Cassy — Zero Wasted

Cassy from Zero Wasted is an ethical influencer based in the United Kingdom. She is the creator and founder of the blog Zero Wasted and aims to help others make informed decisions and be more conscious when purchasing items. Her Instagram provides her followers with sustainable shopping guides and even sustainable fashion discounts to encourage her followers to shop sustainably.

Francessca Willow

Francessca is all about sustainable living and social justice. Throughout her Instagram posts and posts on her blog, Ethical Unicorn, Francessca is focused on educating people on the benefits of living greener. She enjoys sharing educational posts, posts about her vegan diet and the fun that she has living this way.

Sophie — Oh My Clumsy Heart

Sophie is a well-known sustainable fashion influencer known for her safe and ethical jewelry. Six years ago, she began creating minimalistic jewelry that is environmentally safe and sharing it on her account called Oh My Clumsy Heart. Shortly after, she began expanding her platform to share her green ways of living further and created her blog and other Instagram account called A Considered Life.

Immy Lucas

Since 2014 Immy has become one of the most popular sustainability Influencers in the United Kingdom. She has become an advocate for low-impact living and encourages her YouTube subscribers to live a zero-waste, plant-based and ethical lifestyle. Her channel includes videos on healthy habits to try, healthier beauty tips and plant-based recipes.

Rosie Okotcha  

Rosie is known for sharing sustainable fashion resources and trendy looks with her Instagram followers. This ethical fashion influencer takes pride in dressing save the planet and encourages her followers to do the same. 

Tolmeia Gregory

Since 2012 Tolmeia has been an advocate for sustainable fashion and has only continued to share her voice with her Instagram followers. She initially dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but now shares the importance of green fashion through her podcast, art and website.

Arizona Muse

Arizona Muse takes to Instagram to share how she is educating herself on sustainable living and gives her 427k followers solutions for them to practice. This United Kingdom influencer and model shares posts rating her outfits on how sustainable they are and shares practical and safe ways of living her followers can practice.


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