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Fitness influencers come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. Some have gone through extensive training to serve as coaches, others serve as models and make a living off their commitment to staying in shape.

There are also fitness influencers who simply fell into their role organically as they pursued their own journey to health, sharing updates simply to inspire others. If fitness aligns with your brand, be sure to check out these influencers you can work with today in Shake.

Here are 12 Fitness Influencers ready to collab with you on Instagram

Jeffrey Sorenson (@jeffreyyscott)

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Sorenson is no stranger to hard work. The online fitness coach owns Sorensen Fit and is so sought-after that his 1-on-1 training currently has a waitlist. In addition to posting images of his workouts and client transformations, you’ll find videos of his K9 training. It’s worth noting that Sorenson’s dog, Scout, also has an Instagram account.

Brando Alibrandi (@brandoalibrandi)

With nearly 20K followers on Instagram, Alibrandi represents the Miami fitness scene with targeted workout reels and photos. The certified personal trainer and video creator offers tips on burning calories, building bigger shoulders and legs, and bulking up skinny arms. Join his 2.5M followers on TikTok for a better look into his personality.

Kristen Scruggs (@mamabear_runs_marathons)

Scruggs knows running far better than the average person. As the owner of Strong Finish Run Coaching & Sports Nutrition, she’s certified in spinning sport yoga, sports injuries, and as an IRONMAN coach. Her Instagram is filled with core workouts, running tips, and product reviews. You can also follow her on YouTube and check out her Etsy store

Heather Montgomery (@heatherslg)

Montgomery, a Mississippi-based running and travel influencer, offers a nice mix of content on her Instagram. Although she’s drawn a significant following for her fitness-related posts, her holistic approach to living intentionally can be seen on her blog and in her book, “The Average Girl’s Guide to Living an Above Average Life.” While you’ll find tips for beginning runners, running-related injuries, and advice on staying motivated, Montgomery also posts about food, family, Disney, and Dollywood. 

Nikki Wheatley (@nikkiwheat)

Talk about being busy. Wheatley is a professional basketball player, lululemon ambassador, and fitness trainer who still finds time to post to Instagram. Her website for Ten Fitness offers free workouts and paid programs for nutrition, fat loss, fitness, and athletic performance. The former UNLV star was once described as “one of the most athletic players in the Mountain West.” 

Jay Cardiello (@jaycardiello)

From workouts and motivation to fitness tips and self-improvement, Cardiello’s Instagram page has it all. He has served as a celebrity trainer for 50 Cent and Kevin Love and his strength-building video was shared on Men’s Health’s YouTube channel. Pick up his book, “Bodyweight Strength Training,” or listen to his podcast appearance, on which he talks about adversity and gratitude. 

Megan Scrimshaw (@scrimstagramz)

When it comes to being a fitness influencer, Megan knows how to promote products that help her look and feel good. Her discounts page gives followers promo codes for everything from matcha and customized nootropics to mushroom coffee and magnesium supplements. The holistic nutritionist shares not only photos of her fit physique, but also health tips, bio hacks, and her own journey to health. Be sure to check out her interview on YouTube. 

Brett Morse (@Brettmorseoly)

Formerly an Olympic disc thrower, Morse shifted to modeling and coaching others on their fitness journey. Like his YouTube account, his posts focus on weight lifting, athletics, stretching, and workouts. You can also find him on Twitter

Flo (@florryashley)

“Empowering moms to love their bodies with/without the baby weight” is Flo’s motto on Instagram. She does this through posts about workouts, healthy food, and motivation. Don’t miss her interview with Pretty Girls Sweat on how spinning helped Weinstein conquer her PTSD after leaving the military. You can check out her workout playlists on Spotify or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Maxwell Alexander (@themaxwellalexander)

Alexander takes his role as a fitness model, bodybuilding coach, and influencer seriously. He runs his social media like a business, posting regularly to TikTok and YouTube. Get inspired from his workout reels on Instagram or download his fitness guides on Amazon.

Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga (@diegodowntown)

Men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, Gonzalez-Zuniga is a latent fitness influencer. While his Pinterest and tumblr accounts do showcase his physique, his fitness posts on Instagram keep his 16.8K followers inspired to stay healthy and fit. Videos cover exercise classes, circuit training, and unboxing healthy meal subscription deliveries.

Chase Haddock (@chasehaddock1)

Surfing, skateboarding, tennis, swimming; Haddock shows his 16.4K followers on Instagram that staying fit can be fun. Haddock is open about his love for God and loves to incorporate healthy outdoor activities when he travels. He frequently appears in his wife KennaDee’s YouTube channel videos too.

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