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Level up your marketing game and stay in the know of what’s happening in the world of fitness with our list of top gym influencers. These social media stars have made a name for themselves by creating inspiring content that motivates their audiences to hit the gym. From diet tips to workouts, they provide valuable insight into leading an active lifestyle.

Top gym influencers sharing workouts, activewear and more

Michelle Lewin

As a mom and popular gym influencer, Michelle has inspired more than 15.5M followers on Instagram. The famous fitness influencer focuses on sharing workouts that everyone can do. When she isn’t uploading tutorials, Michelle shares life as a new mom and the realistic side of working out while pregnant. The gym influencer has worked with major brands.

Daniel Wai 

Daniel was a consultant for years before quitting to become a full time-trainer and fitness influencer. Now he shares his content with his 49.5K Instagram followers. His page acts as a source of inspiration as he posts his workout routines, meal prep ideas and words of motivation. He enjoys weight training and boxing. He also runs his own personal training program in New York. 

Jen Selter

If you are active on #FitTok, you know exactly who Jen is. With over 2.4M followers on the app, Jen is popular for sharing her passion for fitness and healthy recipes. She shares her lifestyle as a gym influencer while showing the healthy breakfasts and smoothies she creates. Her feed is full of cute workout sets and easy at-home workout tutorials for her followers to try.


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Pamela Reif

Since 2013, Pamela has been a popular gym influencer known for sharing fitness tutorials and different workout schedules for all types of people. She has become an online training buddy for more than 9.5M subscribers. Her channel focuses on 10- to 20-minute routines that often include dancing exercises and unique ways to burn some calories.

Ulisses World

As one of the most popular fitness and gym influencers on Instagram, Mr. Ulisses uses his platform to share his passion for being a personal coach and helping others on their health journeys. The motivational coach has helped transform 40,000 lives and has collected more than 8.8M followers along the way. His Instagram contains workout routines and tips for lifting weights more effectively.

Jesse James West

Jesse is a gym bro that takes to TikTok to show the fun side of being a gym influencer. He has gained more than 984.5K followers by sharing his workout routines and incorporating his humor. When he isn’t sharing his personal weightlifting journey, Jesse shares his lifestyle as a popular gym influencer with his friends.

Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff is the popular personal trainer and gym influencer behind the Athlean-X programs. His tutorials and workout playlists help inspire more than 13.3M subscribers to eat healthier and build the body they want. From vlogs on supplements to avoid and “how to” videos, Jeff’s channel is full of the best gym and fitness advice.

Andrei Deui’

Andrei is the owner of StruttCo Activewear and a fitness model and athlete. He shares workouts and photos of his impressive physique with his more than 6M followers. When he isn’t in the gym or traveling, Andrei models stylish outfits.

William Li 

William joins the #FitTok side of the app, showing others exactly how to get “shredded.” His posts range from jawline workouts to diets to gain muscle. He has collected more than 3.9M followers on TikTok as he shares his personal routines, transformations and nutritional advice.

Fitness Blender

Since 2010, husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli have used their channel to educate others on fitness and health. Their channel has gained over 6.64M subscribers by sharing everything from easy-to-follow 15-minute routines to workout plans and schedules.

Sascha Barboza

As a published author, mom and fitness-nutrition coach, Sascha has become one of the most well-known gym influencers on Instagram with over 5.4M followers. The gym influencer shares her realistic workouts as a busy mom and clips of her weightlifting routine. When she isn’t sharing her workout tutorials and trendy activewear, Sascha shares her busy and exciting lifestyle as she travels and spends time with her family.

Ben Patrick

Famous for being known as the “Knees Over The Toes” guy, Ben is a gym influencer who uses his platform to share workouts to improve knee mobility and strength. Ben often posts fun and easy-to-follow workouts in the gym and at home. His workout routines provide a refreshing break from the typical gym workouts and help over 804.9K followers with their long-term strength.


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Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy started sharing his fitness journey on YouTube in 2016.  Jeremy is a gym influencer who posts science-backed training and nutritional videos to help others achieve their desired bodies. He has gained more than 5.34M subscribers by sharing videos on posture mistakes in the weight room and before-and-after transformations.


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