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From Instagram stars to Youtube personalities specializing in fitness, these top social media fitness models have proven that success comes from staying consistent while inspiring others.  Our list of top fitness models contains talented influencers who can help promote fitness-related products and services like clothing, supplements and events. Check out some of the top fitness models you can work with or follow on social media.

17 fitness models on Instagram and TikTok

Gabby Sansosti

Gabby is a wellness coach and certified personal trainer with 14.9K Instagram followers. On her page she promotes positive mindsets and motivation for her followers through her workout videos. She often posts content focusing on working out one part of the body at a time like in her glute exercise and core workout videos.

Daniel Wai 

Daniel was a consultant for years before quitting to become a full time-trainer and fitness influencer. Now he shares his content with his 49.5K Instagram followers. His page acts as a source of inspiration as he posts his workout routines, meal prep ideas and words of motivation. He enjoys weight training and boxing. He also runs his own personal training program in New York. 

Sommer Ray

Summer is one of the top-rated fitness models in the business. Sommer is just shy of 26M followers on Instagram, where she shares her love for music, fitness and modeling. She’s also the founder of IMARAÏS BEAUTY and Sommer Ray Collection.

Krissi Leigh

With just under 60K followers on TikTok, Krissi or Buff Barbie, as she calls herself, pops up quite a bit on the fitness model and #fitgirl hashtags. She shares fitness content and how she’s gotten her body into an amazing physique.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle has gained more than 15M followers on Instagram thanks to her fitness content. Now a mom, she also has a fitness business. She shares the real side of motherhood and how she is still a fabulous fitness model and inspiration with what some in the industry might consider “imperfections.”

Hannah Asanah

Hannah is a bikini bodybuilder and fitness model who has grown her TikTok to 464K followers. Her 6-foot 2-inch frame used to hold 100 extra pounds, but she has worked hard to become the strong, female fitness coach she is. 

Brooklyn Moore

Brooklyn is a fitness model who works with brands like Buffbunny and Beam supplements. She calls herself the “model with muscle” and loves bringing fitness into modeling. She has 24.5K followers on Instagram and 18.6K on TikTok.

Simeon Panda

With 8.2M followers on Instagram, Simeon is one of the most popular male fitness models on social media. He works with fitness brands like Inno Supps and Gold’s Gym.

Heidi Somers

While Heidi should first be called a CEO, she also dabbles in modeling for her own brand, Buffbunny, as well as other brands. Heidi has over 1.6M followers on Instagram, but you can also find her on YouTube and TikTok. This Alaskan is now taking over Texas with her love for fitness and making athletic clothing for women.

Nancy Gonzalez

With 455K followers on Instagram, Nancy is a popular plus-size fitness model. Her love for fitness emulates through her content, and it’s easy to see why so many people connect or relate with her compared to other fitness models. 

Alexus Gregg

With just over 10K followers on Instagram, Alexus is a smaller fitness influencer and model, but she’s still working her way into the industry. She works with Natural Models LA and Osbrink Talent in her modeling career. She’s also featured in many of Vitality’s athleticwear photo shoots and has worked with Hoka, an athletic shoe brand.

Mickaela Woodhouse

Mickaela is the owner and trainer of the Flourish Fit app, but she’s also a fitness model and shares the habits and products she uses to keep herself healthy. She has 182K followers on Instagram.

Jen Selter

One of the original fitness influencers and models is Jen, who now has almost 14 million followers on Instagram. Jen works with brands and has a personal training app called Fitplan.

Ulissesworld Maddy

Another popular male fitness model is Ulissesworld, who has over 8M followers on Instagram. He owns fitness-related businesses like U Apparel World and the I am Dedicated Challenge.

Ana Cherí

Ana has quite the fitness following, with almost 13M followers between her TikTok and Instagram. Instagram is her largest platform. She shares plenty of fitness content and owns her own fitness apparel company called Cherí Fit

Kayla Itsines

Another OG fitness influencer is Kayla, who has a workout company called Sweat. Kayla has almost 16M followers on Instagram, and her inspirational fitness content undoubtedly keeps people coming back for more. When she’s not modeling or building her empire, she’s sharing cute photos with her kids.

Chris Bumstead

This four-time Classic Physique Mr. Olympia is also a business owner and popular fitness model who has been on the cover of Muscular Development. Chris has a whopping 17M followers and owns a merch company, Raw Nutrition and Bum Energy.

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