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What board games have you played recently? There are more than 100,000 board games listed online, with some of the most popular being chess, checkers, Scrabble, and Monopoly. Whether you are looking for board game enthusiasts to follow or a brand seeking board game influencers to work with, check out this list.

15 board game influencers to watch

Tim Chuon

If you’re looking for board game tutorials, unboxing videos and reviews, join Tim’s 19.7K YouTube subscribers to discover why his content is so entertaining. There are great clips on topics like the top 5 themes he’d like to see in a board game and the most expensive board game in his collection. And because Tim loves photography and cinematography, he even made a video with tips for making board game trailers for Kickstarter.

Board Game Hangover

Janis G. and Janis T. host this YouTube channel for their 8.6K game-loving subscribers. Offering reviews of individual games, as well as categories like best board games for couples and best board games of all time, the two upbeat creators are truly knowledgeable about the industry. They even offer a tips and tricks playlist for particular games and encourage people to play board games online when you don’t have anyone to play with in person.


Engaged couple Amy and Maggie have two different perspectives of what makes a board game great. Amy is the thinker, who is all about the mechanics. Maggie is the storyteller who loves a good theme within a world of make-believe. Although they agree on their No. 1 board game, these YouTube micro-influencers aren’t afraid to call out the games that have tested their relationship. Be sure to check out their Back Chat playlist, in which they share content on the newest Kickstarter board games. 

The Broken Meeple

Luke Hector doesn’t hold back his opinions about board games for his 17.8K YouTube subscribers. His channel covers individual game reviews, top 10 lists, live stream collaborations and giveaways. In July, he participated in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for “Cots for Tots.” If you’re curious to hear about Luke’s top 100 board games of all time, check out his multi-clip series for 2022.

Chairman of the Board

Nano-influencer Dan loves board games so much that he’d probably still create content even if he didn’t have 4.08K YouTube subscribers. His videos cover the usual reviews of individual games, but he also creates interesting lists, including new board games, board games that exceeded his expectations, and even “10 Culled Board Games” (including why he got rid of them). His live stream of board game Q&As includes him answering questions submitted by fans.

The Board Game Garden

Jenna Rose is a nano-influencer on YouTube who hosts the Board Game Garden to help others “grow, cultivate and enrich” their understanding of board games. Her content includes games she played alone each month and topics like “11 Witchy Themed Board Games.” She vlogged from Breakout Con 2022 — her first-ever game convention, which provided useful content for her 6.34K YouTube subscribers.


TikTok users know that Raina’s channel is a great platform for being entertained and informed on all things board games. With 346.3K followers, she creates content about strategy, cooperative board game recommendations, how-to-play instruction, and accessories like card sleeves. There’s even a short clip of the time Raina was recognized by a fan when she was out for dinner.


Reply to @userr13243546577 Sleeve or no sleeve?? #cardgame #cardgames

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Punchboard Party

Nano-influencers Father Greg and Daniel are joyful content creators who share their love of board games with their 1.21K YouTube subscribers. If you’re looking for the best board games, how to play particular games, which games may or may not be worth your time, or the best games for families, check out their channel. There’s also a video about the nine things they hate about playing board games.

Jon Purkis

Racking up 52.4K subscribers on YouTube with his Actualol channel, Jon creates content that goes deeper than just the standard reviews, although he does have a playlist of them. But he also compiles some interesting lists, including topics like “10 board games for people who hate rules” and “10 mistakes most board gamers make.” There’s also a video on “top 10 board games as drinking games” and “top 5 travel board games.”


Karolina has been a board game geek for more than a decade, and her unbiased opinions help her 11K Instagram followers decide which games are worth their time and money. Although Karolina sometimes discusses games pre-launch, most of her reviews are of existing games, including an overview of how long the average gameplay lasts and how much she enjoyed it. Some of her reviews include lawn games.


Alex says she loves board games so much that she now works on them full-time at Funko. Her 63.6K TikTok followers love to learn about new games, errors and misprints, and specific categories, like these cat-themed games. Alex also covers drinking games, non-board games, like Operation, and game-related conferences.


Elementary music teacher Dave has played more than 250 games and even designs them! The nano-influencer uses his BoardGameDave YouTube channel to help people fall in love with his favorite hobby through unboxing videos, quick tips, and highlights from his board game retreats and conferences. If you’re curious about what game “literally changed his life,” watch his video reveal.

The Brothers Murph

Brothers Mike and Nick entertain their 22.8K YouTube subscribers with funny and high-energy videos. There are fun challenges, like whether they can guess the game pieces by touch when they’re blindfolded or play their entire collection of 203 board games in one week. There’s even a video on the best lunch break board games for people who are pressed for time but missing out on their favorite hobby at work.

The Board Game Nexus

Hosts Anthony and Frances know how to keep their 24.5K YouTube subscribers engaged with great content. Need an example? There’s a segment called “Pass or Play” in which Anthony describes Kickstarter games and Frances decides if it sounds fun. There are also unboxing videos and reviews of two-player games. You can even catch sneak peeks of board games before they’re released.


Known to their 317.1K TikTok followers as “the board game couple,” it’s easy to understand why this channel focuses mostly on two-player games. The husband-and-wife duo are competitive, funny and eager to try every unique game on the market. They also do giveaways and unboxing videos.


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