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Global warming is a hot topic. As climate changes become more dramatic, many activists are taking to social media to educate the masses about the long-term effects of shifting climate patterns and about sustainability efforts.

15 climate educators to follow on social media

Xiye Bastida

Xiye is a climate justice activist, speaker, author and member of the Otomi-Toltec Indigenous community. In 2020, she co-founded Re-Earth Initiative to highlight the climate crisis. At just 19, she’s been featured in major media, including on the cover of Vogue Mexico. She posts mainly about climate change action, diversity in the climate movement, and the people she meets while working to save the planet.

Tim Silverwood

Tim founded the nonprofit Take 3 for the Sea followed by Ocean Impact Organisation a decade later. The award-winning activist travels the world giving presentations on the human impact on the natural world. He also posts about the impact of fast fashion, drilling for oil in the oceans, and the impacts of fossil fuels used to create plastics.

Lizzie Carr

As an author, speaker, environmental campaigner and founder of Planet Patrol, Lizzie is all about spreading awareness, taking action and passing legislation to protect the Earth. Her 40.7K Instagram followers can learn about clean water as part of the climate discussion, record-breaking temperatures caused by climate breakdown, and hear her podcast guest Rainn Wilson discuss climate change and environmental issues. 

Vic Barrett

Vic is an Afro-Indigenous, Latino, trans climate justice activist and a fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education. The nano-influencer spoke at the COP21 UN Conference on Climate Change, has organized climate campaigns and was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the federal government over climate change. His Instagram following can stay up to speed on his upcoming media appearances, learn about climate change, and read about the work other climate activists are doing.

Haven Coleman

As a youth activist, Haven taught kids in her state about climate change and petitioned to prioritize renewable energy and clean air and close the local power plant that was polluting her community. In 2019, she co-founded U.S. Youth Climate Strike, which brought the student strike movement to the U.S. She then founded ARID Agency to bridge the gap between adult-run organizations and the younger generation. She uses her Instagram page to educate and promote campaigns that address climate change.

Alexandria Villasenor

At 17, Alexandria has already founded Earth Uprising and co-founded U.S. Youth Climate Strike. The scholarship recipient and award-winning activist has spoken at the World Economic Forum and the Global Citizens 2019 festival and addressed the Democratic National Convention as part of its segment on climate change. Her reach is broad thanks to media coverage, and she uses her Instagram account to share information about climate change with her 17.5K followers.

Dominique Palmer

Dominique is one of the U.K.’s leading environmentalists and climate justice activists. Her focuses include the intersectionality of climate change, how it affects marginalized communities, and eco-anxiety in young people. She does a lot of public speaking, including addressing world leaders and speaking at a Billie Eilish event.


you’re not alone, and another world is possible. keep that close at heart. find your community. I believe that we will win 💓💫🌷 #fyp #activist

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

Jacob Simon

Mid-tier influencer Jacob has a TikTok account filled with positive news on all things related to climate action and environmentalism. Whether he’s posting about global greenhouse gas emissions or Dublin building its first metro line to replace the need for 20,000 cars, Jacob enjoys sharing the good news about the climate crisis to build momentum.


And there’s much more where these came from!! Despite things looking bad, there are many people working hard on great climate solutions. #goodclimatenews #climatehope #climateaction

♬ Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation) - M83

Alaina Wood

Sustainability scientist and climate communicator Alaina has 325.6K followers on her TikTok account, the Garbage Queen. Her content covers news on everything from legal decisions about power plant emissions to stopping human-induced global warming. But she also shares good news about the climate crisis. 

Luisa Neubauer

Berlin-based climate activist, geography student and writer Luisa tweets in English and German to reach her 393.1K followers on Twitter. In addition to sharing world news about the climate crisis, there are also some truly thought-provoking pieces about climate depression, climate refugees, and upcoming protests. Many of her tweets are composed on the spot during protests to get lawmakers’ attention.

Mary Annaise Heglar

Mary is the co-host of “Real Hot Take” podcast and tweets about the interwoven causes and effects of climate change, such as capitalism, the impact on minorities, and disparities in climate data. If you want to stay up-to-date on some of the politics of the climate crisis, follow her on Twitter.

Bill McGuire

If you follow climate-related news, you may recognize Professor McGuire’s name from his new book, “Hothouse Earth.” The volcanologist, climate scientist and activist helps educate and warn his followers on the dire consequences of things like extreme weather due to global heating, outdated emissions goals, and dumping nuclear waste in the sea. He also speaks about climate change at conventions.

Maggy Keet

Climate activist Maggy is all about making simple, sustainable swaps in her life to help heal the planet, including cooking plant-based meals. She shares content that offers simple tips to her 5,496 followers on Instagram, including switching to rechargeable batteries, choosing the best grill for the Earth, and cooking without fossil fuels. There are also plenty of insightful explainers on things like biodiesel, circular fashion and disposables.

Nadia Nazar

Nadia is an artist and climate change activist who combines her passions to instigate change. She posts content with major players who are trying to save the Earth, including Greta Thunberg, Bernie Sander, and Mark Ruffalo. She frequently travels to speak and strike to get the word out about how urgent it is that we respond to the climate crisis now.

Amy Westervelt

Amy is a climate journalist who hosts the “Drilled” podcast. She’s not afraid to call out politicians or toxic companies who are harming the planet. She appeared in a documentary unveiling the damage that corporations have done and frequently shares relevant news about big oil and gas taking advantage of resources. Don’t miss her conversation on “Climate Guilt, Brought to You By Big Oil.


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