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The vast digital landscape of the metaverse holds virtually endless possibilities. If you’re interested in staying on top of all that the metaverse has to offer, these tech-savvy influencers can help. 

15 of the most notable metaverse influencers

Joey Ahern 

Joey is a freelance motion designer, video creator, and dog lover. He is a nano-influencer on Instagram who posts his artistic NFT creations, like this Siberian Husky. His rendering of an old-school, gold Gameboy device is a throwback that incorporates modern technology, and a model of a CGI retro city brings motion graphic magic to center stage.

Crypto Gems

Crypto Gems posts the latest news, market analysis research, education, and insight. Crypto Gems is a YouTube micro-influencer who helps his followers make the most informed investment decisions, complete with opinions on which NFTs to buy now, a Coinbase tutorial for beginners, how to succeed with “play to earn” NFT games, and so much more to explore.

Mason – cryptomasun

Mason is a crypto content guru who shares daily words of wisdom through his social media reach. Mason has a whopping 1.1 million TikTok followers and posts advice like how to protect yourself from crypto hacks, tips for surviving and thriving in a bear market, and XRT catalysts, just to name a few.

Mary – crypto.mary

Mary is an investor and trader who has her sights set on future-focused projects. She is a TikTok influencer who posts about the most exciting developments in the metaverse, including GuitarSwap, crypto investing insight, and her roundup of predictions for this year’s most successful NFTs.

Matt Lorion

Matt is all about crypto, NFTs, and e-commerce. He has 1.5 million TikTok followers who tune in for his personal stories of successes — and failures — as well as a tutorial on how to triple your $1K investment with NFTs, and his take on why investing in crypto is well worth the time and effort.


Reply to @nic_the_pric420 The key is to snipe them👌 #entrepreneur #makemoney #nft

♬ Acid Rain - Lorn

Logan Theobald – lstoast

Logan is a professional virtual reality player who gives an unobstructed view of life spent largely inside the metaverse. Logan’s impressive flock of 6.2 million TikTok followers watch as he fuels his plushie addiction with unboxings, encounters beloved characters from iconic animated films, and gets his heart rate up with virtual reality gaming.


Did you see how high my heart rate got? @YUR™️ #vr #gaming #virtualreality

♬ sonido original - 🐧

Kevin – nft_nanners 

Kevin spreads the word on the most current NFT news, metaverse developments, and Web3 alerts. As a mid-tier TikTok influencer, Kevin shares surprising NFT sales updates and personal financial mistakes he’s made and explains why you can’t screenshot an NFT.

Crypto Jogi

Crypto Jogi documents his journey through the world of cryptocurrency, with hopes of helping others cash in along the way. With 70.8K YouTube subscribers, Jogi notes that it is up to the viewers to determine for themselves whether the investment is worth the risk. His most popular posts include insights on which cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize travel and leisure, insurance opportunities for Web3 users, and feedback on the world’s leading one-stop cryptocurrency platform

Max Maher 

Max aims to help his followers make money in the metaverse. He is a YouTube influencer whose content guides viewers on how to make their first $1,000 in crypto, weighs the good and bad news coming out of the crypto crash, and tests automatic crypto profit bots for his followers’ viewing pleasure.

Brett Malinowksi

Brett is a huge fan of NFT gaming, calling it “the most exciting innovation” of his lifetime. Brett equips his 131K YouTube subscribers with all they need to know in order to confidently navigate the NFT space, including which NFT projects he predicts will survive the bear market, his plans to dominate in Web3, and explains the basics of how to build in the NFT space.

Giacarlo – Giancarlo buys tokens

Giancarlo works to spread the word about the future of NFTs. Giancarlo is a YouTube influencer who reviews upcoming NFTs about to hit the market, explains the most popular NFT strategy, and provides guides about NFTs.

Carlitos Mak Donal

Carlitos is an expert on NFTs, crypto, and Web3 marketing. He has 2 million Instagram followers who eagerly await news on the latest and greatest NFTs on the market, including Kong Apes, the newest members of the Mintonian society, “happy cupcakes” living on the ethereum blockchain, and even an array of unique “gentlemen babies” to peruse.

Jolly Green Investor

The Jolly Green Investor is a Canadian influencer who focuses primarily on “sustainable” crypto, stocks, and NFTs. He mindfully mentions that he does not disperse financial advice, rather, he is a mid-tier TikTok influencer whose content includes tips for how to mine from your smartphone, breaking news on the world’s first 5D metaverse, and how to keep your cryptocurrency secure

Dr. Clipz

Dr. Clipz is an online “teacher” and musically inclined techie who strives to help others understand the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and blockchain technology. For his 106K TikTok followers, Dr. Clipz spills the secret behind NFT liquidity, shares his thoughts on the newest features in the metaverse (like immortality), and which big names in business are switching to a career in NFTs


Now this a lil extra in my opinion 😂 but what y'all think about live forever mode in the #metaverse #nfteacher #drclipz #virtualreality

♬ Paris - Else

Brandon Hayes – thelifescaper

Brandon is a metaverse architect. His 60.4K TikTok followers tune in to build their knowledge on the digital landscape as well as cryptocurrency. Brandon shares valuable information with his followers, including a breakdown of the building blocks of the metaverse, advice on how to find a hotspot to start earning extra cash, and virtual reality gear giveaways


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