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NFT influencers have been popping up all over the internet. NFTs (non-fungible token) have been around for almost a decade, but their popularity erupted in 2021. In fact, the analytics platform Dappradar recorded a year-over-year increase in NFT trading volume of over 38,000%, with August 2021 breaking records. NFT influencers are gaining traction by sharing their insights and knowledge with their growing following on various platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Discord and TikTok.

15 NFT influencers to watch out for in 2022


Héctor of Cryptocomix on TikTok shares funny, relatable and helpful tools for those in the NFT space. He offers tips on NFTs and crypto to help his followers get started. He shares his own NFT projects, how he created them and even how you can get a job in crypto if you’re looking for one.

Cryptoon Goonz

The creator of Cryptoon Goonz, a tattoo artist named Sean, provides his 22K followers with quality NFTs and artwork you can buy and trade. You can also join over 14000-plus members on his Discord. You can also see the sales he makes on CryptoonGoonBot.

Meet Dave

While Dave is a smaller NFT influencer, his YouTube channel is continuing to grow because of his helpful videos from a developer’s point of view. Whether you’re looking for ways to grow your community or NFT metamaps, his videos will help beginner and novice NFT enthusiasts alike.

Gary Vaynerchuk

We can’t make a list of the top NFT influencers without a shoutout to Gary Vaynerchuk. While NFTs aren’t the only thing Gary tweets about with his platform of almost 3 million followers, he shares some NFT news and thoughts to those wanting to learn. You can also listen to his podcast, Props & Drops with co-host Matt Kalish (who also tweets about NFTs.)


Matty of @DCLBlogger on Twitter shares his NFT obsession with his 171k followers and growing YouTube channel. Whether it’s NFT investing or news coverage, Matty is a great account to follow or work with.

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose shares as much about NFTs as possible with his 1.6 million followers on Twitter. He even has two podcasts that talk about the subject: Proof and Modern Finance.


NFT enthusiast, investor and collector Pranksy has a Twitter following of over 272,000 people. As a woman in the NFT space, she also shares charity auctions like this one for Afghan Women Strong. She’s the owner and co-founder of NFT Boxes and you can also find her on Instagram.


Sharing NFT news to just over 183,000 followers on Twitter, @gmoneyNFT is a perfect NFT resource to follow and learn from. He describes his platforms as “where crypto meets culture.” He shares NFTs he adds to his collection and interviews artists about topics related to digital art and crypto and all things NFT. 


Founder of Rug Radio and NFT expert Farokh has created a Twitter community of 173K enthusiasts where he shares not only NFT information but more about Rug Radio, general gratitude and good deeds. Why not incorporate being a good person and virtual hugs into your NFT tweets?

Digital Art Chick

@digitalartchick, another female NFT influencer and expert, tweets funny, sarcastic posts to her 139K followers on Twitter. She often shares posts about being a woman in the NFT space and art created by women, especially the World of Women NFT collection.

Max Maher

Max Maher, an NFT and crypto YouTuber, shares helpful insight to his 739,000 subscribers with videos like “NFTs Pay You $57 Per Day in Passive Income!” or “NFTs Just Changed Forever.” Whether you’re interested in only NFT or want to dive into crypto-specific videos, Max’s channel is a great resource.

Real Miss NFT

Another great female NFT account to follow is @realmissnft on Twitter. With just under 125,000 followers, she shares different NFT accounts, things she’s excited about in the community and her own projects.

Crypto Baristas

While not necessarily a typical influencer, we had to add in CryptoBaristas, the first NFT-funded cafe opening in New York City. They share different auctions and fun World Barista Champs. You can also join their over 15,000 members on Discord.


OhhShiny on Twitter offers followers motivation and insights daily, while also providing a “Community Office Hours” on Fridays. You can even listen to the OhhShiny Show hosted on Twitter Spaces to hear from other NFT experts and enthusiasts.

NFT Artwork

NFT Artwork on TikTok shares different information on pop culture and NFTs, like this video about Marvel’s NFTs and videos of Paris Hilton explaining NFTs. He talks about new technology, creative NFTs, and new trends.

@nft_artwork Augmented reality will change the way we interact and consume brands and marketing #ar #brands #nfts #vr ♬ Paris - 斌杨Remix


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