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Interior design enthusiasts and professionals show their DIY, renovation and design expertise on social media, including YouTube. Finding a home decor influencer or interior design specialist is easier than ever, especially for those brands looking to reach home decor lovers. Working with an interior designer on your home can be costly, though, so the tips these 20 interior design influencers give out can be helpful to those looking to change up their home.

20 interior design influencers to watch on YouTube

Studio McGee

Now with their own Netflix special, a Target collection and s successful interior design business, the husband-and-wife team of Studio McGee got their start on YouTube and Instagram in 2014. Now with 368K subscribers, Shea still puts up interior design videos on her YouTube channel for people to draw inspiration.

Three Birds Renovation

Three Birds Renovation is run by three best friends, moms and experienced renovators. Their channel was created to teach you how to design, renovate and style your dream home. They have a following of over 245K subscribers.

Karin Bohn

Karin is an award-winning interior designer and owner of House of Bohn. She creates YouTube videos for her 169K subscribers with vlogs, home design, transformations and other project updates.

Julia and Hunter Havens

Julia and Hunter are YouTube vloggers who share their love for fashion and interior design. With a unique interest in renovating homes and using antiques, they are some of the best home decor influencers in 2022. The two are soon hopping on a new path, buying an older log cabin to update while they build a new house on another property. They have 317K subscribers.

Mr. Kate

With 3.94 million subscribers, you could say Mr. Kate is a top design influencer. She shares her journey through life and interior design, and her personable approach has helped her reach grow across YouTube.

Kiva Brent

Kiva is a scientist-turned-interior stylist who wants to help others create spaces they love without the high-ticket prices. With 292K subscribers, Kiva shares weekly videos helping her subscribers find ways to utilize inexpensive things without making their homes look cheaply designed.

Julie Khuu

Julie has 455K subscribers on her YouTube channel, which she created to help everyone have a home style they love. Julie creates custom homes for a living but understands that’s not within everyone’s budget. Her videos show you how to create a beautiful home without crushing your finances.

Sharrah Stevens

On Sharrah’s channel, she covers interior design, organization and DIY tips, promoting a can-do attitude. She encourages her 910K subscribers to create the space they love because your space will affect how you feel.

Mary Elizabeth

Mary’s aesthetic for her interior design and her channel is “Glam meets California Cool.” Mary is a professional interior decorator and stylist, and her tips for a “high style, low maintenance” life have attracted more than 387K subscribers.

Kristen McGowan

With 1.56 million subscribers, Kristen has earned her rank as a trusted interior design influencer on YouTube. Kristen is also a professional interior designer but loves sharing her tips for DIY and home decor with her subscribers.

Bonito Designs

The mission statement of the Bonito Designs channel is to deliver the dream to a new homeowner, “making their new home exactly or way better than they dreamed of.” Thanks to amazing insight from designers and home tours, the channel has amassed a following of more than 446K subscribers.

The Sorry Girls

Kelsey, Becky and Rachael, aka The Sorry Girls, share their DIY inspirations with an impressive 2.12 million subscribers, following a fixed content calendar with uploads on Tuesdays. They are a community of makers that help people, especially women, create the skills and confidence to do DIY for themselves.

Sophie Paterson

Sophie is a professional interior designer who has grown her channel to just under 94K subscribers to share beautiful home decor and design. She also helps the viewer through the dos and don’ts of home design and how to make your space look the way you want.

Jennifer Davenport

Jennifer believes in making a house a home, but helping her 165K subscribers understand how to do that no matter what size space they have. She also shows you how to create your home decor if you don’t want to go out and buy something new.

Nick Lewis

Nick is an interior design and home decor influencer on YouTube who has taken his love for styling a home to 377K returning subscribers. He loves showing viewers good design while sharing new trends coming down the pipeline.

Posh Pennies

Vivien of Posh Pennies is a home decor influencer who shares her love for interior design with 238K subscribers. Her channel is filled with ways to have a beautiful space on a budget and some common decorating myths you may be falling for.

Reynard Lowell

With almost 150K subscribers, Reynard creates YouTube content around interior design, home organization and minimalism. He believes in having a lovely, simplified space.

Caroline Winkler

Caroline’s fun personality has grown her channel to 294K subscribers who keep coming back for her decor and DIY tips, as well as her lifestyle and vlog content. You can expect conversations around interior design, mental health and, her favorite, chaos.

Apartment Therapy

Whether you want to tour modern apartments, get inspiration for a new room design, or learn how to bake a cake, you need Apartment Therapy. The channel has 374K subscribers and tons of videos sharing apartments of all sizes.

Style with Sanaz

Sanaz has grown her channel to just under 56K subscribers sharing how she upgrades average homes into luxury. She is the Principal Designer of Sanaz Design Inc.


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