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Welcome to our Champion the Creators interview series with influencers of all niches to highlight their journeys, share their insights and inspire! Today we are talking all about influencing with Bong of Wild Hearts Home.

Meet Bong Bain, the creator of Wild Hearts Home on Instagram and TikTok. Bong is known for her step-by-step tutorials for DIY home projects. She’s a mom and content creator who wants to inspire other women to grab the power tools and take on home renovation projects. On Instagram, where she has 160K followers, Bong shares her latest DIY and home projects, favorite products, and home decor and renovation inspiration.

Bong learned how to renovate spaces because she couldn’t afford to hire professionals to do the work, and it evolved into a way for her to inspire others.

“Wild Hearts Home came from me wanting to make my home look beautiful but not having the money to pay anybody to do it, so I just learned how to do things myself,” she said.

This hobby turned into her career.

“My job is awesome. I get to teach people, especially women, how to DIY and make their homes beautiful using their own two hands,” Bong said.

What sets her work apart from other DIY influencers is that she makes teaching a priority.

“In the DIY field, you get a lot of really great before and afters. But I think what makes me different is that I really teach the beginner,” Bong said. “So I talk about what kind of screw I’m using, what kind of tool I’m using, why I measure a certain way.”

“I think people appreciate that,” she added. 

Bong says she enjoys inspiring women to pick up tools and get started on their projects, along with working with brands that align with her values.

“I love waking up and loving my job,” she said. “I work so much, but it doesn’t feel like work because I love my job. I have this passion for transforming spaces into something really beautiful. And then I get to work with these amazing brands. We together get to create this space, and I get to genuinely share it with my followers and talk about a product that I love.”

She often receives feedback from her followers that they are proud of the DIY projects they tackled thanks to her encouragement.

“I love the DMs and the messages I get from women who are like, ‘Hey Bong, guess what I did this weekend. I used the miter saw for the first time, and I thought about you, and I’m so proud of myself.’ So the best part is feeling like my knowledge creates a difference in some people’s lives.”

Having her audience’s trust means a lot to Bong.

“I have a really great relationship with my audience. They trust me, and that’s a lot of responsibility for me. And that means when I work with brands, it has to be something I love or something I believe in. In fact, I turned down a lot of partnerships because it isn’t the right fit.”

Bong has created high-quality DIY and home content for IZEA clients

“I’ve worked with IZEA for almost a whole year. I think it’s time for our anniversary,” she said. “I have loved working with IZEA more than anything.”

For Bong, the combination of communicative campaign managers and an easy-to-use platform makes the collaboration seamless.

“I think what’s unique about IZEA is you get a really good combination of a platform that lets you submit things really nicely and then it has all the details of what you need, but then you get the personalization of having a contact at IZEA. So you get the combination of both and it works really seamlessly.”

Bong had the opportunity to check out The Creator Marketplace® and says she loves the Casting Calls feature. 

“I’m super excited about casting calls because to be honest, nobody can pitch me like I can pitch me. Having this new thing on IZEA is going to be something that’s really a game changer for content creators.”

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Her goals include continuing to build her community and trying new creative projects.

“I’d love to start a line of clothing. I want to branch out more into clothes in general on Sassy Confetti. I’d love to partner with some brands on collections and things like that. I think just growing more at this point is sort of where I need to focus.”

This interview was edited for clarity and length.

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