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Teachers have a huge responsibility on their hands when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s generations — and this includes parents who are home-schooling. These home-school influencers share their tips and tricks of the trade with a massive community looking for teaching support and solutions.

12 home-school influencers offering tips

Lauren Giordano

As a digital designer, shop owner, and home-schooling mom, Lauren is a proponent of healthy living who values “conscious motherhood” and a belief in community over competition. Lauren is a mid-tier influencer on Instagram who shares tons of lesson-planning ideas with beautifully designed resources that she has created, like engaging Earth Day activities, gardening guides, and tools for rock research.

Becky Spence aka ThisReadingMama

Becky is a home-schooling mom and a passionate advocate of helping struggling learners. In addition to posting resources for helping learners with dyslexia, Becky is a micro influencer on Instagram who gives a peek into real-life skills taught through food prep lessons, her home learning setup, and positive pointers for those thinking about tackling home-schooling.


Michelle, aka “Mama Michelle,” is a busy, creative mom with four kids. Michelle posts plenty of activities, toys and games for her 913K Instagram followers, which includes her helpful home-schooling hacks. Whether Michelle is dishing on how to create your own sand art as a reading activity extension, strengthening your child’s speech skills with a homemade bunny balloon, or sharing digital device safety suggestions, Michelle’s got you covered.

Anya aka MontessoriFromTheHeart

Anya does it all as a wife, mom, attorney, author, and Montessori coach. There’s never a dull day in her schedule. Anya’s 323K Instagram followers are treated to tons of art and play-based educational activities and ideas. Just a sampling of her creative content includes DIY smelling jars to provide children with a multi-sensory experience, 3D solar system project, and a fizzing cauldron STEM experiment designed to foster a love of science in students.

Angela Braniff

Angela’s days are filled with raising seven kids and a menagerie of animals on their intimate family farm. As if animal caretaking and being an author weren’t enough to keep her busy, this mid-tier influencer also shares her home-schooling tips and favorite products with her Instagram followers. From introducing her kids to the basics of learning a second language with puzzle cards to an Independence Day-themed lesson pack, Angela’s got the family farm life and home-schooling down to a science.

Andrea Scalzo Yi

Andrea is a home-schooling mom of four boys or, as she affectionately refers to them, her dragons. Andrea focuses on sharing the STEAM and educational activities she uses with her own children with other homeschoolers, like using sidewalk chalk to tell time, staying active with “hula hoop lasso,” and reinforcing fine motor skills, color recognition, and counting with a DIY fishing game. Andrea has 97.3K followers on Instagram.

Sarah aka northcountrylittles

Social media influencer Sarah is a wife, author, and home-schooling mom to four children. She promotes the positivity of “joyful parenting” and exploring “raw motherhood” with her uplifting content. Sarah shares home-schooling hacks like making giant paper snowflakes, her go-to educational toys, and budget-friendly tips for shopping for multiple kids.


Sole is a blogger and mom of three whose IG handle, coffeeandspitup, sums up motherhood in a nutshell. As a home-school influencer, Sole blogs about the Montessori way: learning through play-based experiences and activities. You can find Sole posting her schoolroom cleanup routine, creatively themed sensory bins, and cleverly crafted sorting activities that keep her kids learning and growing in the home-school setting. 

Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill is a shining example of a multitasking mama. With nine children, home-schooling, and cooking “mega meals” for her sizable brood, she still manages to showcase how she juggles it all with her 88.3K Instagram followers. Jamerill shares her strategies for organizing a home-school field trip, giving her kids hands-on lessons like incubating chicken eggs, and how she prepares 28 freezer meals in one evening. Jamerrill also shares her thrift store finds and how she scores grocery discounts when she’s shopping for her big family.

Tara Rondinelli

From her woodsy Wisconsin home, mom Tara encourages a nature-based, sunshine-filled home-school learning experience. Tara shares book giveaways, DIY hiking stick ideas, and nature-themed DIY crayon crafts with her 112K Instagram followers.


Elsie is a homesteader, blogger, writer, and speaker who categorizes herself as a “classical homeschooler.” From her family’s “farmhouse schoolhouse,” Elsie educates her children and shares her (beautifully written) experiences with her 64.6K Instagram followers. From studying human anatomy through drawing and sharing book giveaways to showcasing her family’s stunning natural surroundings, Elsie’s page is full of interesting content.

Keri Botch 

Keri is a home-schooling mom of five children in Texas who shares artsy scenes from her sweet home-school setup, like making reading special with teatime, tips for what she’s learned to do (and not to do) as she plans her future curriculum, and an overview of the activities and resources she implements into a “deep dive” study, like learning all about mushrooms.

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