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It’s no surprise that teachers are finding a way to help one another on TikTok and YouTube as well as blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. Teaching is a challenging job, so finding support or sourcing ideas from other teachers is a great way to utilize the power of social media connection! Whether you’re setting up your classroom, looking for inspiration on lesson planning or you need help with remote learning, you can head on over to social media for some helpful tutorials and ideas from these teacher influencers. If you’re a marketer, working with one of these top teachers to share your classroom-specific product is a great place to start as well.

Teacher influencers sharing uplifting content

Ms. James 

Ms. James of I am That English Teacher on TikTok is a NBCT Award winning educator with over 3 million followers. Ms. James shares videos of her teaching her actual class about all things English. If you’re looking for a quick grammar lesson or the difference between “your” and “you’re,” Ms. James is the content creator (and teacher) for you!

Michelle Emerson 

The Pocketful of Primary channel by Michelle Emerson is full of teaching, organization, productivity and everything else a teacher could want or need. With over 562,000 subscribers and over 58 million views, Michelle’s bright and cheery content teaches other teachers how to stay productive and organized whether in a classroom or from home.

Mrs. Kelly 

We’ve found TikTok’s favorite math teacher, Mrs. Kelly! With 1.5 million followers on the app, Mrs. Kelly shares her easy-to-learn math videos and even her having fun with her 6th graders in the classroom. 

Elizabeth Coller 

With over 2.88 million views on YouTube, Elizabeth Coller of the Kinderhearted Classroom on YouTube is full of videos for teaching kindergarten Montessori-style. Elizabeth shares videos that help other teachers come up with strategies for their classrooms and even some personal videos showing her actual teaching routine.

Learning with Heidi 

If you’re interested in learning the science behind teaching children to read, Heidi’s TikTok account, Learning with Heidi, is for you. On TikTok, Heidi is able to share short, to-the-point videos explaining how to best teach “sight words.” With over 166,000 followers, Heidi also occasionally works with aligned brands on short promotional videos.

Shelley of Early EDventures 

With over 100,000 subscribers on the Early EDventures YouTube channel, Shelley is a second-grade teacher in Northern California who shares Teach With Me videos, classroom tours and even a few daily lifestyle vlogs. Shelley also shares fun teacher content on her Instagram account.

Kevin McClintock 

If you’re a teacher or love teacher humor, then you should be following Mr. McTikTok, Kevin McClintock. Kevin’s content is full of funny teacher gossip parodies, roast battles with his students or how to become your teacher’s favorite student.

Bridget Spackman 

Bridget Spackman of the Lettered Classroom on YouTube is a great channel for other teachers to follow. If you’re looking to connect with another multiage teacher, Bridget’s channel is full of “Day in the Life of a Teacher” videos or how-to videos like how to get ahead on your lesson planning.

Mr. Talcott 

If you’re looking for fun, wholesome teacher content from the kindergarten classroom, Mr. Talcott’s TikTok is for you! Mr. Talcott’s funny videos show you how he keeps his remote-learning kindergarten classes engaged and learning even when he can’t be in person with them.

Tiffany May 

Looking for ways to better manage your classroom? Tiffany May of the One Fab Teacher YouTube channel is not only a teacher, but a classroom management consultant. Learn which procedures are a must in your classroom from this 1st grade teacher.

Mrs. Nancy Bullard 

With almost 3 million followers on TikTok, Mrs. Nancy Bullard is probably TikTok’s most famous teacher. Mrs. Bullard dives into the science behind her own placenta and even works with brands to share products that all teachers need. This real life science teacher will have you learning so much while scrolling through TikTok.

Sorry to flex on y’all with the matching outfits 😍🥰 #microscope #baby #scienceathome #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Mrs. Nancy Bullard

Phillip Cook 

Phillip Cook or Chem Teacher Phil on TikTok is busy staying curious and showing us scientific experiments. Want to learn more about hair dye? Or maybe how to start a fire with a gum wrapper? Phillip’s science-filled videos are fun for learning for all ages.


Never spray water on a magnesium 🔥! #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Phillip Cook

Ms. Luise 

Ms. Luise is behind the @sassyin2nd account, which has 1.8 million followers on TikTok. She offers materials and resources for other teachers  and loves sharing classroom decor, teacher outfits, and glimpses into her teaching style.

Mrs. Carnicle

Mrs. Carnicle is math teacher sharing content on TikTok on what it’s like to be a teacher. Her content is relatable and funny for other teachers, applying trends and hashtags to the teaching niche. She even dances while sharing teaching tips. Connect with her to promote your brand on TikTok.


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