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At any point, about 3 million people are playing Fortnite. The video game has only grown in popularity since its release in 2017, and now players are sharing their experiences on social. Whether you’re a player looking to build your loadout, a gamer interested in becoming an influencer, or a brand itching to work with Fortnite influencers, this list has something for you.

 15 Fortnite influencers to game with

Nick Kolcheff

Known to his YouTube followers as “NICKMERCS,” Nick is a competitive streamer who holds several world records in Fortnite. He also competes in international tournaments with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. For his 4.2 million subscribers, Nick uploads new content daily, including his record-setting run on Fortnite Battle Royale, an official tour of his mega-mansion, and going head-to-head with Apex Pros.

Martin Anderson — MrSavage

Martin is an online gamer from Norway who specializes in playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. Martin is known as “MrSavage” on his YouTube channel, where he posts samples of his solo domination, clips from his most successful games and how to clutch in Fortnite for his subscribers.


Competitive esports player Jannek hails from Poland. The Fortnite champion is also a celebrity influencer on TikTok, where his followers know him better as “janneksplace.” He regularly showcases new Fortnite features, nostalgic throwbacks to earlier versions of the game and gets his followers hyped for the upcoming season and latest releases.

Nick Eh 30

Nick is a Fortnite content creator from Nova Scotia who promotes “family-friendly positivity.” On Tik Tok, Nick challenges his followers to spot differences, dishes on the competitive advantages of emotes and shows off a first-place performance.  


1st place Solo Cash Cup game—it was my final game too and what a way to close out the tourney!! #Fortnite

♬ original sound - Nick Eh 30

Alastair Aiken

Alastair, better known as “Ali-A,” is a professional British gamer known for his Fortnite and Call of Duty vlogs and commentary. For his whopping 17.7 million YouTube subscribers, he shares everything from his latest Fortnite icon skin and upcoming season trailers to holiday-themed creative maps

Turner Tenney — TFue

Turner is a Florida native who streams and plays Fortnite professionally. On TikTok, where he’s known as “TFue” to his followers, he posts his favorite gaming moments, shows off his mobility moves, and showcases some NBA-style “hops” on screen.

Lar — larthebeloved

Lar is a gaming content creator, player and video editor. On TikTok, he gives the scoop on some of his favorite Fortnite backgrounds and the best fight scene and even plays the game blindfolded for anyone doubting his supreme skills.

Anne Fish — mamabenjyfishy

Anne is a mom, esports mentor and gaming streamer with a great sense of humor. On her TikTok page, she shares her most entertaining Fortnite moments, like inadvertently flying, several attempts at riding wolves and a telling look at her Fortnite “glow up.” 


my fortnite glow up 😌 #mamabenjyfishy #benjyfishy #fortnite #gaming (extra points for guessing who’s in the second clip)

♬ original sound - Anne Fish

Xen Goat

Xen is a dad, a registered nurse and Fortnite player and content creator. Known on TikTok as “goatr2_,” Xen posts plenty of gaming content. Whether he’s testing out rooster sounds on screen, sharing details on the new sniping meta, or raising awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, he’s always got something to share with his followers.

Diamond Cava

United Kingdom-based Cava is a professional Fortnite gamer who broadcasts live streams and tutorials with his followers. On TikTok, he shares funny Fortnite memes, a glimpse into his daily routine and his top three tips for improving your game. 


Day in the life of a small Fortnite TikToker… #Fortnite #FortniteFunny #FortniteMemes

♬ Clairvoyant - MISOGI


Redvines is a pro Fortnite player who shares his best tips and advice with the gaming masses. He treats his 2.7 million TikTok followers to some expert insight on common game glitches, guidance on how to negate fall damage and tests out his skybasing skills

BIGX — ItzBigX

BIGX is a skateboarder, streamer and gamer based in Salt Lake City. On TikTok, he shares all the latest Fortnite updates, his review of features like a cool sword combo, and a hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at how gamers handle wins and losses


Puffyroll brings her stellar skills as a female Fortnite player to the typically male-dominated game. On TikTok, she brings the humor as she tries out different skins, shares her latest rankings and takes part in a fun Apex filter challenge for her fellow Fortnite enthusiasts.  


Replying to @lifeofpandaa a BOGO of challenges. filter can be found on my page 🫶 #apex #apexlegends #apexlegendsclips

♬ Running Up That Hill (Versión Cumbia) - Remix - Cumbia Drive

Lurx Ggs

Team Lurx,” as they’re known on Instagram, are esports players out of the United Kingdom who feature impressive game edits, montages, and collaborations with an array of artists. For their Instagram followers, they share highlights from their top-rated montages, spotlight the newest additions to their talented team and host gaming challenges

Xavjah Streeter — Mctoazty

Xavjah is a fanatic Fortnite player at the top of his TikTok game. The mid-tier esports influencer posts plenty of interactive Fortnite challenges, funny clips, and playful polls


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