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The only thing better than virtual reality games is finding influencers who also love the same VR worlds. When Meta Platforms released Horizon Worlds for Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2 in the U.S. and Canada in December 2021, the game took off. Here are some of the Horizon Worlds influencers playing, reviewing and reporting on the VR game.

Check out these 16 Horizon World influencers

VR Scout

VR Scout has amassed 43.4K YouTube subscribers posting videos about the best virtual reality games and hardware, such as the Oculus Quest. Gamers looking for information about Horizon Worlds can watch tutorials for making a VR game inside the metaverse, using Horizon Workrooms or finding the top five places to visit in the game. 

Obscure Nerd VR

Comedian Andy Southern keeps his 4K YouTube subscribers entertained with content about virtual reality games and funny commentary along the way. One day he’s meeting strangers in Horizon Worlds or doing crowd work at a metaverse comedy club. Other days, he’s going into the WendyVerse level in Horizon Worlds.


A gamer and big fan of Oculus Quest 2, vrlink has a wealth of gaming clips and tips on his TikTok channel. Check out his take on open-world games and what to do with VR goggles besides game

VR ManCave

Andy and Bawgdan are micro-influencers who spread the word about the fun that’s waiting in virtual reality games. From Horizon Worlds reviews and updates for the Marketplace in the game, they’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the metaverse. If you want to get an overview of avatars, worlds and privacy in Horizon Worlds, start with their video on the topic.

VR with Jasmine

Jasmine’s YouTube channel focuses on virtual reality tech, tutorials and games. Watch her explore and play Horizon Worlds, offer advice to beginners on setting up your Oculus Quest 2 before you play, or provide commentary while she checks out Questy’s, a fictional arcade restaurant that Horizon Worlds creators replicated in the social platform.

MaximusFun RoyalAssassin

Michael Jones has been active in the digital media and recreation industries for 20 years. The Canadian loves gaming and frequently posts about Horizon Worlds on Facebook for his 4.4K friends and followers. Watch him build a raptor pen in Horizon World’s Metassic Park or follow him for the things he shares about VR, such as Horizon World promotions groups for creators and a directory of worlds created within the game.

Vidyuu Tutorials

Alex David Chandler is the teacher and metaverse expert behind Vidyuu Tutorials on YouTube. His 4.38K subscribers tune in for his plentiful videos about Horizon Worlds, including how to spin and rotate objects, creating realistic elevators and building mansion windows.

Matthiaos Horizon Worlds

Matthiaos is a niche influencer and virtual world design specialist whose entire Facebook account is dedicated almost exclusively to Horizon Worlds. His videos cover things like top 10 places to visit in the game, learning to build or write script and “ghosts” in the game

Don Carson

If you’ve played for a while and are looking for detailed tutorials on how to build in your world, Don’s content can help. Learn how to create the illusion of a cast shadow using geometry, get lighting tips, and learn how to use the creator Snapping tool to make modeling in the game faster and more accurate. 

Carlos Silva

Nano-influencer Carlos is a Horizon Worlds community builder and collaborator who shares content related to the VR game on his Instagram page. He posts about changes to the platform, launches in other countries, and promotions for real-world businesses that are thriving in the metaverse.


N.Y.Ceve boasts that he is the first graffiti artist in Horizon Worlds. Before taking his Graffiti Kidz brand to the metaverse, he spent 12 years in New York customizing hats, shirts and other items. Now he’s the world creator of New Graf City and The Graf Store, both of which he posts about on his Instagram account.


Otter admirer and VR content creator OtterWorldly has racked up 117K YouTube subscribers with her gaming videos and VR-related gift guides. She shared a sneak peek around Horizon Worlds with her followers before the game was released to the public and months later, explored other realms in the Horizon Worlds metaverse.

Morgan Chin

Nano-influencer Morgan is a product designer who makes videos about VR-world building and gaming. She has created multiple pieces of content around Horizon Worlds, including how to build a town, building spaces that are special to the Black Culture and step-by-step instruction on how to get started in the game.    

Art Face

This YouTube micro-influencer is what you get when you combine artistic talent, a love of gaming and a willingness to teach. Not only does Art Face create videos showing his subscribers how to make a new world in Horizon Worlds, but he also shows them how to make cool art in the game. He also gave away codes for Facebook Horizon when it was first released.


Carlos is an IT project manager and YouTube content creator who reviews products, especially Horizon Worlds. He has entire playlists dedicated to the game and covers topics like launcher competitions and super-speed hacks. Be sure to catch his video about the “Squid Game” dorm room and the Halloween costume party. 


Don’t let Lindsay’s YouTube channel name throw you off. Although she does post videos about beauty and fashion, her content includes dozens of episodes of her demonstrating, explaining and exploring Horizon Worlds. In one episode, she combines her love of fashion with VR, trying on every single outfit in the Horizon Worlds avatar closet to find her spring look.


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