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These Black fashion influencers are sharing their passion for fashion and sparking real change because of it. Thanks to social media, fashion trends have become so much easier to access and keep up with, and fashion influencers offer up even more insights. Whether modeling, styling, designing, or simply dressing their best, these Black fashion bloggers and influencers have encouraged positive changes in the industry. 

Black fashion influencers with the best looks

Tamu McPherson

Starting as a photographer, Tamu is now one of the top Black fashion influencers. She created her blog-turned-monthly publication where she discusses various topics, including increased diversity in the fashion world. Tamu is also the founder of Shoe Up For Justice, an archive of shoes from her most iconic looks, with proceeds going to voting rights organizations. Aside from that, she also models for major brands.

Char Ellesse

As the founder of Girls Will Be Boys, Char is no stranger to bold, unapologetic expression. Girls Will Be Boys started as a series of short films with various discussions focused on gender-assigned roles and their impact on people and society. It blossomed into an online storytelling platform with conversations surrounding gender and self-acceptance. Her unique fashion sense can be seen on her page, along with various collabs and snippets of her love life. 

Steven Onoja 

Steven’s longtime love for art brought him into the fashion world. He worked as a painter in an art gallery before becoming a visual storyteller and writer. He’d then help others develop their brand identities and various creative concepts for campaigns. He even has an online clothing store with hats, jewelry, pocket squares and prints and can be seen in multiple collabs with major brands.

Imani Randolph 

Imani is a model, stylist and one of the top Black fashion influencers. Whether she’s wearing a dress and heels or sweatpants and sneakers, she can make just about any outfit look good and keeps her audience coming back.

Denola Adeetun 

Denola is a model, author and fashion consultant most known for his sophisticated fashion sense. His Instagram features various creative photography shots, along with his everyday looks.

Kara Smith 

Kara is a model, writer and artist who uses her African and Native American heritage as a source of inspiration for her work. She frequently discusses controversial and health topics while showing off her trendy outfit of the day. Kara also posts about her favorite beauty products.

Jourdana Phillips 

Jourdana’s impact reaches far beyond the fashion industry. Aside from modeling for major brands in fashion, she’s also the co-founder of One Wonder, a mentorship program that provides middle schoolers the resources and confidence to fully pursue their dreams. She not only has a passion for fashion but for inspiring our youth as well. 


Tyla started as a beauty influencer, but her undeniably incredible fashion sense couldn’t go unnoticed. On her social media pages, you’ll see her new fall fashion and beauty finds, along with all her other lifestyle content.  

Jason Boateng 

Jason is a travel and fashion enthusiast. He flaunts his impressive creativity through his outfits and accessories, from formal to casual looks. As a designer and fashion creative director, Jason has a good eye for sophisticated, color-coordinated outfits, which draws people in. 

Chrissy Rutherford 

Chrissy is a writer and fashion brand consultant. She’s worked for some of the most prominent fashion magazines and is frequently featured on different podcasts as a guest speaker, discussing mental health, lifestyle and fashion topics. Chrissy is also committed to immersing in her femininity and uses her style to reflect that.

Temi Otedola 

Temi is a Nigerian-born model and actress. This fashionista made her debut in film in 2020 and continues to walk the runway for major brands. She often shares lifestyle content, showing how she prepares for a busy day, her favorite beauty products and, of course, her modeling work.

Naomie Elizée 

As Vogue’s associate market editor, Naomie has certainly used her platform. She continues to support up-and-coming designers by providing them the exposure to showcase their skills. She’s also the host of the podcast “So … What do You Do Again,” where she discusses some unique experiences people of color encounter. Her audience also loves her vintage and eccentric style.

Mecca James-Williams 

As a stylist, editor, influencer and home decor enthusiast, Mecca quite literally wears many hats. She’s worked with brands and people in various industries, including news, politics and beauty. The breathtaking photographs from creative projects she’s worked on, combined with her chic outfits implementing vivid colors, make for endless inspiration. 

Grace Victory 

Grace is a blogger, influencer and author of her book “No Filter,” which touches on common problems that young people face. She has released two documentaries about nutrition and dog breeding and continues to spread messages about body positivity, healing and self-love. Her feed consists of her amazing sense of style, often alongside her beautiful family.

Ellie Delphine 

Ellie is a model and has a passion for fashion. Her Instagram shows her flaunting around different locations, dressed to impress. She provides fashion inspiration for all occasions and demonstrates how to repurpose clothing. 

These top Black fashion influencers keep followers up to date with the latest fashion trends and give ideas for that next fashion-forward statement. Work with them for your next fashion and lifestyle-focused influencer marketing campaign.


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