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If you’re a brand looking to serve up some tasty content, working with foodie influencers is the perfect place to start. In our Marketplace, you can find foodie creators with mouthwatering content that resonates and excites a variety of targeted audiences. Foodies in the Marketplace are hungry for some new work and ready to represent brands they are passionate about.

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12 foodie influencers to work with today

Julie Pina

Julie is an entertaining creator who loves all things food, drinks and coffee. As a single mom, Julie focuses on cooking up meals her children will enjoy and shares her favorite recipes with more than 53K TikTok followers. Make sure to collab with Julie to see what she can cook up for your brand.

@_juliepina Ham & cheese sliders 🌼 - Hawaiian bread - Honey ham - Swiss cheese - Mozzarella cheese Sauce : - Stick of butter - Parsley flakes - Garlic powder - Onion powder #food #foodie #eating #fyp #dinner #dinnerideas #recipe #familydinner #familydinnerideas #dinnerideastiktok #easydinnerideas ♬ Reminder - The Weeknd

Adam McCabe — atlfoodiesofficial

Adam is the creative mind behind the popular @atlfoodiesofficial account that he shares with his partner, Cole, on Instagram. Over 146K followers are treated to his in-depth reviews and vlogs that highlight his passion for food. Adam is the ultimate foodie and shares guides to the best restaurants and bars around the city of Atlanta.

Curtis McKoy

Like Adam, Curtis is also an Atlanta foodie but provides a different vibe through his intricate vlogs and reviews of the most delicious food in the city. Curtis is a foodie that will go above and beyond to find the best meals and more than 21.4K followers can agree. From the best pies in the area to sushi spots, Curtis shares all the mouthwatering content.

Laiza Hill

Laiza is the ultimate foodie who serves new energy in the food niche by adding in her honest opinions and reviews of theme parks as well. Laiza has worked with brands like Doritos, Ready Refresh and Sara Lee Bread. She has more than 11.4K followers with her tasty content.

Shamar Carhee

Shamar is an up-and-coming influencer with a creative mind and talent for cooking something delicious. More than 1.9K TikTok followers get to experience his kitchen becoming his creative playground as he experiments with tasty meals and serves up fresh content. From different brands of crockpots to his favorite Trader Joe’s hauls, Shamar shares all the food content.

Nae Watson

As a mom of two and lover of travel and food, Nae takes to Instagram to share her favorite delicious finds and recipes with more than 155K followers. Based in Raleigh, Nae shares the mouthwatering finds she finds at restaurants and her own creative recipes. When she isn’t sharing food, Nae often mixes in her favorite mom hacks.

Ashley Walsh — misterfeedyourgirl

Ashley is a Long Island and New York City foodie who uses her platform to share her favorite finds with over 19.7K followers. Ashley lives by the saying “Pics or you didn’t eat it” and that shines through her delicious feed.

Neelam Kapadia

Neelam is the ultimate foodie based in London who takes to Instagram to showcase her passion for finding tasty treats. The recipe creator has a talent for finding and making content in a way that excites over 12.4K Instagram followers. You won’t want to miss her fresh summer salads making appearances through her feed.

Allison Jack

Based in Cleveland, Allison knows a thing or two about great food and shares her delicious finds. The creative mind behind Cleveland Westside Eats, Allison has racked up more than 36.1K followers who are treated with restaurant vlogs around the city, must-try meals and tasty cocktail reviews.

Colleen Kennedy 

Colleen is considered to be “Philly’s Culinary Visionary” as she showcases her impressive talents for cooking up the best meals. With over 12.9K followers, Colleen shares easy recipes that will “wow” any room. The creative influencer’s recipes are bound to spice up weekly meals.

Darryl Gordon

This foodie encourages his 30.1K Instagram followers to “Taste San Diego With Darryl Gordon.” Darryl is the ultimate San Diego foodie who shares his finds through his vlogs and reviews of restaurants. From six-course meals around the area to the best modern Italian brunch vibes, Darryl shares it all.

Giselle Lelux Campos

As another creative influencer based in San Diego, Giselle has caught the eyes of more than 59.3K followers with her passions for food and fashion. Giselle is a Marketplace creator with a keen eye for delicious meals. Her exciting vlogs captivate her audience and encourage them to visit multiple restaurants.


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