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Marketers have found ways to ease their workload and produce unique, first-of-its-kind art with AI-powered tools. While many marketers are dabbling with AI by trying different AI platforms, it’s hard to know where to start. Which platforms are best? Are the benefits of AI strong enough to change marketing routines and alter campaigns? What are the best practices for using AI? 

We’ll answer these pressing questions and give you examples of how AI is used in marketing:

Examples of AI-powered tools for marketers

Marketers gravitate toward AI-powered platforms to help them complete tasks and amplify their creativity. Here’s a look at a few applications and tools to try:

Content creation and optimization

AI platforms can outline blog posts, identify keywords to optimize content for search engines and brainstorm new topic ideas. ChatGPT, for instance, can accomplish all of these tasks for your marketing team. FormAI has integrated GPT-4 technology into its artificial intelligence tools built with influencer marketing in mind.

AI can also help you with influencer content and collaborations. Tools like IZEA Flex’s AI Briefs can produce a detailed campaign brief that outlines the campaign’s purpose, goals, details, and deadlines. With it, brands can enhance communication and give influencers clear direction.  

Visual creations

A handful of AI-powered tools focus on creating visuals, like a digital painting, comics, or a video hosted by a human-like avatar. Most of these tools create art based on your prompts or instructions, which should be as specific as possible. 

Prompts are challenging to get used to, but the best practices are to provide a main idea, details, and artsy descriptions. Here’s an example of a prompt to create generative AI:

A photograph of a woman and two children eating dinner (main idea) on a blanket at the beach (details), full sunlight, highly detailed, anime, 16:9 (artsy descriptions).  

Want a shortcut to great prompts? Check out FormAI’s Community Showcase, which shows the prompts used to generate inspiring AI artwork. You can then adjust the prompts to create your own visuals easily.

Which tools should you try? Big names in the visual space, like Adobe and Fotor, have AI tools that create images, and you can find other essential tools, like OpenArt. 

Marketers are also tasking AI with providing inspirational images for influencers. IZEA’s AI Storyboards, for example, give brands a chance to pre-visual the campaign and give the images to influencers for campaign guidance. 

Personalization of ads and landing pages

Competition for customers’ attention has only grown in recent years, so personalization has become important for marketers. Creating personalized content is time-consuming, though. While some tools can add basic personalization, like a person’s first name to an email, AI can personalize ads and landing pages. 

Google, for example, offers automatically created assets (ACA) that use content from existing ads and landing pages to generate headlines and descriptions. Soon, Google will serve ads to your customers that mimic their search terms to help them connect with a product or service.

Data and research

Marketing is fueled by data. From keeping tabs on GA4 to watching metrics on your recent influencer marketing campaign, marketers are constantly checking on, quantifying, and applying data to better their efforts. 

AI platforms look to ease data consumption, offer predictive modeling and segment analysis, and provide centralized locations for metrics. Qlik Sense, for example, pulls data streams together using AI-powered tools, while Polymer can help you visualize data to make informed decisions. 

Benefits of using AI in marketing

AI can act as an assistant for your marketing team. While the technology is still developing, there are fully-functioning tools that can help your team. Here’s a look at the benefits of deploying AI-powered tools:

  • Saves time: Any task that AI can accomplish saves you time.  
  • Saves on production costs: Using tools like AI Storyboards to create visuals means you won’t need to pay a graphic designer.  
  • Ease the creative burden: AI-powered visuals are quick to create and unique to look at, which takes the stress of creating off your team.  
  • Offers easy-to-use personalization options: Customers connect with personalized ads and content tailored to them.

Best practices for AI-based marketing campaigns

Many marketers are excited to welcome AI-powered tools to the mix, but they do come with some challenges. As a result, it’s best to review best practices to ensure each tool is beneficial, not a hindrance. Best practices include:

Disclose when you use AI-generated content

Research shows 86% of consumers want to know when they’re interacting with AI-made content. Disclosure is important. If AI writes a blog article or creates an image, say so. IZEA has introduced a tool to help marketers easily disclose AI-generated content.

Fact-check your content

AI tools source their knowledge online. If, for example, you ask it to write a 500-word blog on the benefits of using accounting software, it will scour online sources to put together an original piece. However, AI tools could use an unreliable source as a reference, which means false facts can appear in your content. As a result, you should always fact-check your content before publishing it. 

Proofread your content

If AI generates any kind of text, proofread it before publishing and distributing it. You might notice grammatical errors or see references or catchphrases from other countries that won’t connect with your audience. 

Depending on the prompts and the tool’s ability, you may notice formatting issues or need to reorganize a few sentences to improve clarity. 

How to implement AI in your business’s marketing strategy

Start small. Identify how AI can help your marketing team, research tools, and try one out. Many AI platforms, like FormAI, which can elevate influencer collaborations, offer a free trial. Try the tool, get your team involved, and see if it fits well. It will take some time to find the right tools, but once you do, your team can benefit. 


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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free