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The talk around the town, or the web at least, has been about artificial intelligence (AI) and how that’s impacting every form of business, including marketing. AI can be used for many aspects of influencer marketing, including content creation and research on topics. There are many ways to bring AI into marketing and all forms of business, as evidenced by the following influential people on LinkedIn. These top LinkedIn contributors regularly chat about AI and its benefits and implications. Here are some of the top AI influencers on LinkedIn.

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Top AI influencers on LinkedIn

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary is a well-known tech speaker and entrepreneur who has jumped into the AI conversation right away (and actually, has been talking about it for quite a while.) While most of his content is based on NFTs, business, investing, marketing, and entrepreneurship, you can bet that he’ll be sharing how AI fits into all of that.

Chris Luck

Chris is the founder of Aiville, an online platform where AI enthusiasts, researchers and professionals can come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge and collaborate. He uses LinkedIn to build a community of artificial intelligence enthusiasts and shares almost exclusively about the topic.

Cassie Kozyrkov

Cassie is the CEO at Data Scientific and Google’s first chief decision specialist. She has over 530K followers on LinkedIn and discusses topics like AI, analytics, statistics, data science and machine learning. She’s highly knowledgeable on the subject of AI and is an expert speaker on the topic. She shares other experts in the field, too.

Yann LeCun

As the VP and chief AI scientist at Meta, Yann is a well-respected artificial intelligence expert and influencer in the space. He has over 577K followers on LinkedIn who are ready to hear his take on anything new about AI. He often speaks on the topic of AI, specifically Facebook’s AI, and reposts his team’s insights and other experts frequently.

Aishwarya Srinivasan

Aishwarya is an AI expert, senior AI advocate and even a LinkedIn Top Voice Data and AI. If you’re looking to understand AI, she’s the expert to follow. She has over 468K followers on LinkedIn and frequently posts about artificial intelligence. She hosts or attends AI events worldwide and is heating up the AI space as an influencer and expert.

Lex Fridman

With over 1 million followers on LinkedIn, Lex is a Research Scientist at MIT who does extensive research in AI, human-robot interaction, autonomous vehicles and machine learning. He interviews big players in the AI and tech space, like Mark Zuckerburg, on his podcast as well. He shares the ways AI can impact everything in significant ways.

Satya Mallick

Satya is the CEO of OpenCV and the founder of the company Big Vision. OpenCV is the world’s largest open-source computer vision library. His business, Big Vision, is a consulting company that provides services and products for computer vision, AI, deep learning, machine learning, ChatGPT, LLMs, augmented reality and video analytics. He has over 20 years of experience in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Allie Miller

Allie has over 1 million followers on LinkedIn and is an AI entrepreneur. She’s a must-follow and has a deep background in artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology, organizational management, product management, cognitive science, and so much more. She has many accolades, including being the youngest-ever woman to build an artificial intelligence product at IBM, and was named AIconic’s 2019 “AI Innovator of the Year” and LinkedIn Top Voice for Technology and AI 2019-2021.

Bernard Marr

International best-selling author Bernard is another expert and influencer in tech and artificial intelligence. He has almost 1.5 million followers on LinkedIn and speaks about AI, tech, big data, business and virtual reality. You can subscribe to his newsletter on LinkedIn called Future Tech Trends, with tons of informative articles about AI. He also posts frequently about all of the topics above.

Andy Fitze

Last but certainly not least is Andy, co-founder of SwissCognitive, whose primary goal is to “champion the growth of transformative AI ecosystems worldwide, ensuring that digital advancements remain accessible, scalable, and of unparalleled quality.” He considers himself an AI pioneer and shares about artificial intelligence and tech frequently on LinkedIn.

Artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere and is being incorporated into more and more strategies. If you’re still learning, the 10 artificial intelligence influencers above will keep you in the know about everything up and coming in the space. Also, check out IZEA CEO Ted Murphy, who often posts about our AI tools.


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