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We Launched Our Flex Private Beta!

We’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on all year: Flex, our next-generation influencer marketing platform. Right now we’re in private beta mode, and some of our customers and creators are providing feedback before the official launch.

At launch, IZEA Flex will offer eight core modules: Discover, ContentMine, ShareMonitor, Integrations, Tracking Links, Contacts, Transactions and Campaigns. 


The Discover module in Flex allows marketers to search and filter over 40 million influencer handles across multiple social media platforms as well as their content. 


The AI-powered ContentMine helps marketers find, organize and measure content faster and easier than ever. ContentMine offers fresh social media metrics, eliminating the need to update engagement data in spreadsheets manually. Plus, you can create content collections.


ShareMonitor lets marketers track brand mentions, hashtags and keywords across major social media platforms. Marketers can use the tool to help identify new advocates for a brand, competitor activities or overall content trends on multiple platforms. 


At launch, the platform integrates with Google Analytics and Shopify, with more integrations on the way. 

Tracking Links

Flex’s enterprise link shortener provides real-time metrics that allow marketers to measure and benchmark influencer impact beyond vanity social metrics.


Building creator lists will be easier than ever with the help of Flex’s smart lists that use demographic information to automatically group creator contacts. Easily associate contacts with your campaigns and other modules in Flex.


The Transactions module in Flex makes sending creator payments faster and more affordable than ever before with a small flat fee. 


The Campaigns module includes campaigns, platforms, tags, collaboration types and content types. Campaigns support social sponsorships, metaverse collaborations and IRL activations.

Influencer marketing professionals can sign up today to request access to the private beta for Flex. Flex will open up to all users later this fall. To request an invite to the private beta, visit