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This month, we are thrilled to announce the preview of Shake, our first public online marketplace, as well as even more content creation tools for Creators.  Read all about it below!

Shake: The Creator Marketplace®

Shake is a completely new platform that allows buyers and Creators of all varieties to collaborate and transact on creative services.  Register now at to check out some of the beautiful Shakes that will be available for purchasing soon!

Some key Shake features include:

A public marketplace

No subscriptions necessary!  Just sign up for a Shake account to either buy or sell.

Individual and commercial licenses

Shake supports different levels of licensing, allowing for a wide range of creative services.

Creators First™ pricing

With lower fees and higher minimum listing rates, Shake is designed to ensure Creators are fairly compensated for their work.

Universal accounts and finances

Shake uses the same user account and financial infrastructure as IZEAx, making it even easier for existing enterprise customers and Creators to log in and start Shakin’!

Shake homepage


Live Error Checking

We know it can be frustrating to run into validation errors when submitting your content.  That’s why we’ve continued to add enhancements to our content creation tools to ensure early on that your drafts meet all of the Project requirements.  Now, we’ll help you identify the following issues as you craft your posts:

  • Repeated elements
  • Elements with incorrect case
  • Unallowable HTML tags, along with the ability to remove them with a single click