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Influencer Shopper Marketing

Leveling Up With IZEA

Take your shopper marketing dollars further with IZEA, the original influencer marketing network.

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IZEA has access to a demographically and geographically diverse influencer network encompassing creators from nano- to mega-influencers and celebrities. We’ve worked with thousands of brands, including nearly half of the Fortune 50, to create successful, creative and inclusive shopper marketing campaigns.

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What makes us different

IZEA’s insights can help your team understand how influencers and their audiences index with your brand and retailer. Our data-backed creator selection process identifies the influencers who best represent your brand and retailer. As data within social platforms become increasingly limited due to app privacy updates, IZEA’s partnership with Deep Sync enables us to build custom LiveRamp audiences for brands.

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Influencer Shopper Marketing Data

Data in delivery

Move beyond the confines of traditional influencer organic reach by backing your campaigns with 100% paid and targeted media from gold-standard sources like IRI, Nielsen Catalina, MasterCard and Ibotta. Brands receive results reporting measured against pre-campaign guarantees to gauge the activation’s success.

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Targeting capabilities

Partnering with IZEA on shopper influencer marketing campaigns ensures you reach your ideal shopper. Our Managed Services influencer marketing experts offer data-informed targeting solutions, including:

Category purchases

Direct and affinity categories

Category purchases

Direct and affinity categories

Competitive research

Target your competitors' shoppers at brand level

Competitive research

Target your competitors ‘ shoppers at brand level

Geographic/retailer visits

Geotargeting your competitors' shoppers

Geographic/retailer visits

Geotargeting at ZIP code level; Placer IQ device ID data

Occasion and interest

Seasons/holidays and special interests on native platforms

Occasion and interest

Seasons/holidays and special interests on native platforms

How it works

Flexible Campaign Model

Our flexible campaign model is weighted heavily toward paid media promotion and targeted with third-party purchase data to reach your targeted shopper.

Contracts and Licensing

We handle contracts, usage rights and licensing to allow your brand to repurpose influencers’ images or videos in paid media. IZEA can boost posts through a creator’s social media handle or run dark ads to reach your ideal shopper.

Targeted Paid Media

Pairing the right influencer to your product backed by paid targeted data and using CPM, CPC, CPE or CPV pricing allows us to support KPIs with paid promotion.

With paid media, our access to past transaction data, store foot traffic, and enhanced demographic data from significant providers allow us to target a hyper-qualified audience and replicate your ideal retailer shopper on social media.

And as IZEA sits agnostically in the media landscape, this new capability gives marketers like yourself another avenue to attack HHP/share goals versus what any retailer can provide due to first-party data restrictions.

Content rights with limitless executions

Partnering with IZEA’s vast network of creators ensures high-quality imagery that drives results. Content can also be used in your brand’s additional marketing efforts, including in-store signs, free-standing inserts, outdoor advertising, and print and digital ads. You’ll exercise creative control — from the influencer brief through content revision and review — to ensure the final deliverables align with brand and retailer goals and other marketing initiatives.

Influencer Shopper Marketing


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Influencer Shopper Marketing

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