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Have you created a shop with me video? These videos are quite popular with influencers and brands alike. As the name suggests, shop with me videos take viewers on a shopping trip. Many brands are now asking influencers to create this kind of content to entice shoppers to visit their stores.  

If you’re a content creator, here are some tips to make a successful shopping video:

Start with an introduction

Influencers usually shoot an introduction for these videos. They might be in their homes or the store’s parking lot, but there’s usually a setup involved. 

An influencer should introduce themselves and tell viewers where they’re going and what they’re looking for. In this video, for example, shopping influencer April sets up her Target shopping adventure in the car before heading in.

Have a purpose

What are you shopping for? Are you looking for anything in particular? Ideally, your video should have a purpose. Many shop with me videos are seasonally-focused, so influencers are looking for fall home decor, Christmas gifts, or summer barbecue essentials. Tell followers what your shopping goals are early on.

If you’re working with a brand, you’ll likely be given some direction and will likely be asked to point out a specific item. 

Point out unique finds

While shopping, you’ll come across different items you like and talk about them. What is it that you like about the item? What will you do with it? Why do you need it? Give your followers an idea of how you’ll incorporate the item into your routine. 

Record audio in-store or later on  

Some influencers record their voice while they’re in the store. They’ll pull out an item, talk about it and then cut to the next item they like. With this plan, all you have to do is cut the pieces together. For instance, Kim Wad, a family YouTube influencer, recorded her thoughts in Home Goods as she shot this video

You can also go to the store, shoot a video and then write and record your thoughts later. It takes more time to do this, but it’s a preferred option for influencers like Kristen McGowan. Listen to her recent H&M Home Shop tour

You can do a combination of both. You might talk about a few unique finds in the store and then record a few pieces of track to cover other video pieces. You have to figure out your style. 

Show price tags

Many people watch shopping videos to see what’s in stores, but everyone’s curious about prices, too. How much is that designer-looking desk? How much can shoppers save if they hit the holiday clearance at their favorite store? 

Take a video of the price tags and give your feedback on it. Is it a good price? Is it the lowest price you’ve seen all year? Give shoppers some context if you can. 

Point out cheap dupes

Everyone loves a bargain. If you can find items that look like designer pieces but are instead cheaper duplicates, share away. Home decor influencer Kristen McGowan, for example, shot a shop with me video at HomeGoods and showed her followers chairs that were $129 each. They looked exactly like designer chairs from Serena & Lily that retailed for $700.

Keep it around 15-20 minutes

Shop with me videos usually average 15 to 20 minutes. You can certainly find longer videos out there, but this length allows you to point out a handful of items without taking up too much of your audience’s time. 

Get permission to shoot in stores

If you’re an influencer or a brand ambassador working on a campaign, you’ll be given permission to shoot inside the store. 

Can an influencer do a shop with me video in a store without permission? Most stores do not allow you to shoot videos. A store is considered private property, so the establishment sets the rules. If they say no video, that’s that.

Shop with me videos have become an influencer marketing staple. They’re a great way for brands to show off products authentically. If you’re working with a brand to create such a video, these tips will help you create a successful piece of content.


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