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Shoppable social media posts streamline the buying process and help shoppers go from “Wow, I like that!” to “I just bought that” in a few taps. They are helpful to brands, but many savvy marketers marry this content type with influencers. Shoppers are starting to see more shoppable posts that are created by influencers.

 Need some campaign ideas to draw from? Here are some examples of shoppable influencer campaigns and a few examples that could easily be turned into a shoppable campaign:

Ask an influencer to wear and tag your products

If your brand sells clothes or accessories, consider having an influencer take a picture wearing them. This influencer, for example, is sporting a great beach look.

You’ll notice she actually put “Shop the Look” at the bottom of the post to draw attention, too.

When a shopper clicks the post, they can shop for the products.


shoppable post

Similarly, IZEA’s shopper influencer marketing team can execute a seamless campaign using our Partner Solutions, like Click2Cart. These campaigns allow audiences to click a post to add items to a retailer’s shopping cart, after which they can pick up the items in-store or have the products delivered.

Consider a “flat lay” snap created by an influencer

Work with an influencer to create a “flat lay” image where several products are set on a flat surface, and the picture is taken from above. 

This kind of image could lend itself nicely to a shoppable post. Each product could be tagged by the brand and shopped by the consumer.

If you’re looking for a unique flat lay, work with your influencer to create an image using knolling. Knolling is an overhead picture taken of objects placed symmetrically (usually at 90-degree angles) on a surface.

Repurpose UGC or IGC

Consider using user-generated content or influencer-generated content in a shoppable video or image. When you work with an influencer, you can add usage rights into your contract to get the most out of your investment. Brands can also use user-generated content created by customers — with permission — in a shoppable post.

Tips for a successful shoppable influencer campaign

As you consider campaign possibilities, you should also review these tips for success:

Focus on high-quality images or video

When working with influencers, they generally take great care with their photography skills. For shoppable posts, you need that kind of attention to detail.

Your product images should be crisp and clear. Shoppers can’t touch the product you want them to buy, so the image has to compensate for that.

If you’re promoting more than one item in a picture, ensure each item is in full view.

Stay authentic

With shoppable posts, there’s added emphasis on selling products. However, you still want authentic influencer content. Stay true to influencer marketing, which relies on honest endorsements with a real-life feel.

Promote partnerships

When your brand collaborates with influencers, promote them outside the campaign. Make a social announcement that your brand is working with new creators and tell the audience what they can look forward to.

How will your brand use shoppable posts this year? With these campaign ideas and tips, you should be able to craft a new and exciting campaign that dazzles your customers.


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