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As the competitiveness in the marketing and tech fields increases, a helpful way to get your foot in the door is to participate in an internship. Internships open the door for many college students. IZEA offers a variety of marketing, data analytics and product engineering internships that prepare students for their future in the industry by providing them with real-life experience in a marketing setting. From content production to marketing strategy, IZEA provides insight into the marketing industry. Follow along as we share the benefits of becoming an IZEA intern

Advantages of IZEA marketing internships

1. Gain experience 

As a marketing college student, you take many course-related classes that prepare you for a variety of jobs in marketing. What those classes lack is the real-life experiences and interactions internships provide. Internships show the daily routines and responsibilities of marketing professionals. IZEA marketing internships provide students with experiences that can’t be taught in the classroom. As an IZEA marketing intern, you are responsible for specific daily tasks that require you to use your marketing knowledge and interact with other IZEA employees. 

2. Expand your network 

While internships provide you with work experience, they also serve as an opportunity to meet people and network with them. IZEA has a unique culture and work environment. Every IZEA employee strives to make your internship experience fun and educational. The welcoming atmosphere allows you to form relationships with those working in your desired jobs. Many of the employees at IZEA take time to show you multiple positions in the marketing, client services and product engineering fields to help you decide which direction you want to take in your career. At the end of your IZEA marketing internship, the IZEA employees stay connected, boosting your network. Many are willing to connect on LinkedIn and write recommendations.

3. Increase your confidence 

Being a college student approaching graduation can be stressful. The IZEA internship programs give students a better understanding and insight into career options. By participating in one of our internships, you can participate in training and educational sessions on topics related to various areas of our company and industry. This can help you become more comfortable in whatever marketing or product engineering area you enjoy and gain confidence in doing your job successfully.

4. Build your resume

One of the tricky things about being a college student entering the workforce is that companies and businesses require work experience. By joining the IZEA marketing internship programs, you prepare for that. IZEA internships are a great addition to your resume and allow you to highlight your real-life experiences throughout the program. In the content marketing internship, for example, you can also gain writing clips for your portfolio. 


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