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Meet Leon, our lead Data Analytics and Strategy Intern. Leon’s pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing Analysis from DePaul University and has been interning with IZEA since fall 2022.

We asked him how the internship helps with his career goals:

“Working in influencer marketing offers an excellent opportunity to practice my data analytics skills in a real-world challenge,” he said. “The experience allows me to see how the organization works and expand my network.”

IZEA is a fully remote workplace, which works well with his class schedule. He helps our data team with data visualization reports, prediction models, business intelligence support and more.

“This internship cultivates my public speaking and leadership skills, which I believe can benefit my future career,” he said.

Leon’s advice to future IZEA interns is to be proactive and organized.

“Most importantly, try to discover the fun and passion in the influencer marketing industry,” he added.

After graduation, Leon hopes to find an opportunity in data analytics and strategy.

“There are many opportunities and challenges in front of the Data Analytics and Strategy Team. Therefore, I want to stay on the team and continue positively impacting the whole IZEA organization, winning as one team.”

Leon credits his manager and colleagues for helping him learn and encouraging him.

“I want to shout out to my direct manager, JT Bell (Manager, Data Analytics & Strategy), and my colleague, Koya Saito (Junior Coordinator of Data Analysis). Both of them are geniuses and passionate about the marketing industry. JT showed me how to improve my data analytics skills and discover my potential in data visualization. He is also open to any opinion or idea to fulfill the project’s goal, which offers me an excellent opportunity to learn a different aspect of marketing analysis. Koya is fantastic to work with, and we have achieved a couple of projects together and received positive feedback. Without him, this won’t happen.”

When he’s not interning, Leon can be found exploring the U.S. in his Jeep and camping.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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