The streaming platform Twitch is home to millions of streamers who’ve decided to share their gaming experiences with large audiences. Businesses such as game publishers Ubisoft and EA have taken note of the platform’s popularity and now collaborate with streamers during influencer marketing campaigns.

The brands that use Twitch for campaigns aren’t just limited to the gaming industry, though. Monster Energy and KFC are just two examples of non-gaming brands that are also using the platform for promotional purposes.

Will an influencer marketing campaign on Twitch work for your brand? That depends on your target audience. Twitch is most popular with men between the ages of 18 and 34, so brands that cater to that demographic will likely find the most success. Success will also hinge on partnering with the right influencer. Here are some examples of streamers who know how to build an audience on Twitch.

Top Twitch Streamers

  1. Pokimane
  2. Myth
  3. Tfue
  4. Amouranth
  5. TimTheTatman
  6. JoshOG
  7. Summit1G
  8. Loserfruit

Imane Anys’ Twitch fans know her as Pokimane. In 2017, she started sharing her League of Legends battles. Soon after, she jumped into the realms of Fortnite and Valorant. In 2020, she holds the distinction of being the most popular female streamer on Twitch. Pokimane doesn’t limit herself to gaming content. She’s also developed a makeup line in collaboration with Winky Lux, a luxury cosmetics brand.

Pokimane top twitch streamers

Ali Kabbani goes by the name Myth on Twitch. Although he’s been a content creator since 2013, he really found stardom when he began playing Fortnite Battle Royale in 2017. He’s dubbed himself “The Architect,” a reference to his impressive building skills in the popular survival game. Prior to his time spent broadcasting Fortnite, Myth streamed the games Paragon and Miscreated.

Myth top twitch streamers

Turner Tenney goes by Tfue online. He randomly arrived at the name while searching for an available gamer tag. He’s a pro gamer who started his journey to fame by playing games like Call of Duty, Destiny and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Although he once said that Fortnite is “not a competitive game,” the streamer owes much of his online popularity to his skills within that game.

Tfue top twitch streamers

Model and costume designer Kaitlyn Siragusa livestreams content under the name Amouranth. She streams titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Aside from streaming games, you can find her working out or cooking while chatting with her audience. Amouranth also has a habit of sharing her vocal talents on Twitch Sings.

Amouranth top twitch streamers

The year 2015 was an interesting one for Tim Beter. He left behind his day job and fully embraced his role as TimTheTatman, a full-time Twitch streamer. He plays a variety of games, including Overwatch, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. His boisterous and positive attitude draws a crowd from endearing fans.

TimTheTatman top twitch streamers

Josh Beaver, or JoshOG, is another gamer whose life took a turn when he started gaining fame as a streamer. He dropped out of college to pursue his passion for creating online content for his Twitch audience. His primary game was Counter-Strike, but he’s branched out to include titles like Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite, Far Cry 5 and Call of Duty. JoshOG has been an active streamer since 2014.

JoshOG top twitch streamers

Jaryd Lazar goes by the alias Summit1G. He started sharing content on Twitch in 2013, and he initially made a name for himself by competitively playing Counter-Strike. Now he plays titles such as Sea of Thieves and Valorant. His list of sponsors has included popular brands such as Monster Energy and Corsair.

Summit1G top twitch streamers

Kathleen Belsten uses the name Loserfruit on Twitch, and she streams everything from cooking sessions to her gaming sessions. She found fame mostly by playing Overwatch and Fortnite, but she also enjoys other titles, such as Minecraft Dungeons and Grand Theft Auto V. Loserfruit also creates lifestyle vlogs and shares them on a different channel, Lufu.

Loserfruit top twitch streamers

Although we’ve listed some of the most popular Twitch streamers above, these certainly aren’t the only impressive influencers on the platform. It’s possible to find specific streamers, categories and past video clips by using Twitch’s search functions and channel recommendations.

But when your goal is to find influencers who are perfect for your brand, try out IZEAx Discovery. This influencer search software offers a database of influencer profiles and useful filtering options. However you decide to conduct your search, keep your eyes open for the right Twitch streamer for your brand. That streamer will be someone who shares your values and regularly plays the types of games your audience loves.