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The world of Minecraft connects users from all over the world, and the possibilities are endless in a game where you can build virtually anything you can imagine. With a game that contains this level of depth and popularity, the potential for content creation is immense. Minecraft influencers share advice, expertise and their cool creations in the Minecraft world. 

Minecraft influencers to game with

Daniel – DanTDM

This British YouTuber got his start on the platform making videos about Minecraft and then he expanded to cover different games. These days, he’s among the biggest gaming YouTubers, with 26.1 million followers. The 30-year-old also commands a following of 3.5 million on Instagram, where he shares photos of himself and his family, gaming content and events he attends.


This creator, who thinks it’s pronounced “Wee-fees,” explores various odds and ends of the Minecraft world, including secret things, different aspects of gameplay and interesting questions about the game. The lists and how-tos that Wifies creates have earned them 1.25 million followers on YouTube. Wifies uncovers some interesting features of the game and highlights interesting challenges to try.

Zach Rice

Zach creates Minecraft content on TikTok, highlighting the newest additions and updates to the game and sharing tips on how to play. Zach has 1.5 million TikTok followers, making him one of the biggest Minecraft creators on the platform. Given the depth of Minecraft, it is impressive that Zach is able to dole out his tips and tricks in short, effective clips. Zach’s content is unique because he shares what’s new from the latest Minecraft updates and shows the coolest parts of Minecraft gameplay.

The Atlantic Craft

The Atlantic Craft’s Minecraft adventures create narratives and take viewers through gameplay that follows a story arc. Series such as “Dragons” or “Manhunt” bring new episodes periodically that further the story. For example, “Dragons” follows the story of two Viking brothers who travel outside a magical gate in their town. The Atlantic Craft has 6 million YouTube subscribers.


ExplodingTNT brings the humor to Minecraft content with some outlandish challenges and imagination. Videos such as “If Squid Game Took Over Minecraft” or “If Wood Was Rare?” create absurd topics to explore. ExplodingTNT has 5.15 million subscribers.


Joseph Garrett, better known as stampylonghead on YouTube, is a longtime fixture in YouTube’s Minecraft creator community. People who have played Minecraft for many years have grown up watching his videos, and he now has 10.6 million subscribers. Stampy is known for his series “Stampy’s Lovely World,” in which he explores many different settings in Minecraft and shares his thoughts on the landscape unfolding in front of him.


Kelbe is a TikTok influencer who shares her observations, jokes and thoughts about life over videos of her playing Minecraft. She mixes comedy and gaming content to create a TikTok feed filled with relatable posts. Kelbe has a following of 7,390 and also creates videos on YouTube.

Unspeakable Plays

Unspeakable Plays is one of the funniest and most absurd creators in the Minecraft space. Nathan, the host and creator, tries some ridiculous stunts such as throwing some of his favorite things in slime if he laughs at Minecraft memes, digging into the ground in real life as if he were in Minecraft, and eating in real life whenever he eats in Minecraft. Nathan’s engaging personality has earned him nearly 7 million subscribers on YouTube. Like Minecraft in general, Graham’s content is easily accessible for all age groups.


Why should you never dig straight down in Minecraft? What are 20 things that Minecraft newbies always do? Logdotzip is a kid-friendly Minecraft page that can help a beginner learn to play Minecraft or teach someone more experienced some new tricks. Tyler is the creator of this channel, and his advice on the game can help anyone go a little deeper in their skills and knowledge of Minecraft. His videos have attracted 4.75 million YouTube subscribers.


CaptainSparklez is another of the most popular Minecraft creators on YouTube, with 11.3 million subscribers. He explores Minecraft maps, shares tips and tricks, and gives thoughts on the latest Minecraft updates. Some of CaptainSparklez’ most popular videos of all time are from a decade ago, when he created Minecraft parodies of popular songs, such as Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” or Taio Cruz’ “Dynamite.”


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