Earth is home to 195 countries, and, despite how ambitious you may be, chances are you won’t get to see them all in person. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet’s most dedicated vloggers, you can see the planet’s stunning sights and learn about fascinating cultures from your computer screen.

While watching a travel vlog isn’t a substitute for a real-life adventure, you might find yourself inspired (and informed) by the following YouTube vloggers.

The Budgeteers

For many aspiring travelers, money can be a difficult hurdle. The Budgeteers started their vlog to show that it’s possible to see the world without spending a fortune. For example, their collection of vlogs includes series on how to travel around India on $1,000 and explore Morocco with $500. The group is made of three friends who shoot their videos documentary-style, and over 97,000 subscribers follow their adventures on YouTube.

Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess, an Australian vlogging couple, share their travels with 614,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their library of videos includes scenes from places like Romania, Sri Lanka, South Korea and the Philippines. On their blog site, readers can find even more in-depth travel guides to specific cities around the world, including Stockholm, Sweden, and Nice, France.

Stephen and Jess began their travel vlogging adventures back in 2015. Since then, they’ve visited over 60 countries.

The Planet D

Vloggers Dave and Deb run the YouTube travel channel called The Planet D. Before becoming travel influencers, they dabbled in music and the film industry. Now they travel the world and create inspirational and informative videos for their 29,000+ viewers on YouTube to enjoy.

Whether they’re in Mexico, Australia or some other corner of the world, the couple incorporates plenty of drone footage, giving viewers a bird’s eye view. They’ve won multiple awards for their work, including the Society of American Travel Writer’s Lowell Thomas Awards Travel Blog of the Year.

The Endless Adventure

Eric and Allison are a husband and wife team who vlog their travels around the world. Many of their videos revolve around exotic dishes and interesting sights in places in the United States and abroad. Their vlogs aren’t just limited to fun adventures. They also address financial issues as well, as they’re aware of the strain constant adventuring can have on your bank account.

Their YouTube channel has 276,000 subscribers. They’re also very active on Instagram, where they share stunning photos with over 35,000 followers.


Traveling alone can be an uncomfortable experience, especially for young women. So, Christine Ka’aloa decided to dedicate an entire blog and YouTube channel around tips and strategies for solo adventurers.

She began blogging in 2008, during a solo trip to India. Since then, she’s explored various places, including Greece and Taiwan, and shared her many journeys online. Her YouTube channel has 136,000 subscribers and includes travel guides as well as gear reviews.


Marko and Alex run the YouTube channel Vagabrothers, which has 954,000 subscribers. The brothers began working together on the travel resource in 2012. They want their videos to shed light on aspects of different cultures and help viewers see past stereotypes.

Viewers can enjoy the thrill of world festivals or just learn more about cultural food and drink by browsing through the Vagabrothers’ extensive library. How extensive? They have well over 200 videos filmed in over 50 countries.

Gareth Leonard

In 2009, Gareth Leonard dropped everything and decided to see the world, starting with Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some travelers move through exotic locations as quickly as possible. But Leonard likes to stick around for a while and soak in the culture and community.

Leonard has over 221,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he shares everything from general travel advice to video series covering his adventures in places like Brazil and Puerto Rico. On his site, Tourist 2 Townie, he shares blog posts and resources that help aspiring travelers find their way.

Fun For Louis

With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Louis Cole is one of the most well-known travel influencers on the Internet. The British vlogger began his career by documenting his journey across the United Kingdom on a double-decker bus in 2012. Since then, he’s enjoyed his fair share of globetrotting, visiting locations in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

As if his video collection wasn’t enough, Louis also has a very active Instagram account. Over a million fans follow him on that social media platform as well.

Partnering with Travel Influencers

Most of these influencers make their money by helping brands in marketing partnerships. An influencer’s loyal (and, in some cases, massive) following can give them the credibility and expertise needed to be a valuable marketing asset. For example, GrrrlTraveler has partnered with brands such as Mazda, SanDisk and Viator. You can discover influencers like these by browsing influencer marketplaces, which are platforms that help marketers find the right influencers to represent their brand.