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What comes to mind when you think of luxury travel? Exotic locations, decadent meals morning, noon, and night, and comfortable, exquisite hotels, right? While the world of luxury travel might be out of reach for the average person, it’s still possible to experience it vicariously. Get to know some of the top luxury travel influencers, and you’ll soon feel as if you’re spending your days on a beach or at some other beautiful destination, rather than stuck in the office.

25 Top Luxury Travel Influencers

Christina Vidal

“Travel + Leisure” named Christina Vidal as one of its top luxury travel influencers. Known online as Jet Set Christina, she’s traveled to more than 50 countries so far, and aims to share her experiences with people who are hoping to live the lux travel life.

Kate McCulley

One of “Forbes'” top luxury travel influencers, Kate McCulley focuses on sharing the joys of solo female travel with her more than 100,000 followers. She’s been to nearly 75 countries on all seven continents.

Eric Stoen

Can you enjoy luxury travel with kids in stow? Eric Stoen and a few of the other top luxury travel influencers on this list say “yes.” Stoen’s one of “Forbes'” top travel influencers, and an ambassador for the travel magazine “AFAR.”

Vivienne Gucwa

Vivienne Gucwa’s travel photography has landed her partnerships with the likes of Sony and Coach. She’s also recently partnered with musician Daria Musk to create Adventurous, a travel-focused music and photography blog.

Clint Johnston

Does luxury travel have to be expensive? Not according to Clint Johnston, aka triphackr. Along with breathtaking drone photos on his Instagram, his blog is full of tips to help people enjoy beautiful, relaxing trips on a budget.

Murad and Nataly Osmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann are the couple behind the often-imitated “Follow Me To” meme, which features a beautiful woman pulling the photographer towards an equally beautiful destination. The top luxury travel influencers have over four million followers, and has worked with numerous brands.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten Rich, aka The Blonde Abroad, left her corporate finance job to travel the world. It might seem like a dream, but she’s making it her reality. In addition to inspiring her half million Instagram followers with beautiful images, she’s launched her own female-only travel company.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is another luxury travel influencer who’s dedicated to showing people how to get around without breaking the bank. He has a particularly inspiring story, as he got over a fear of flying, and now spends more time in a plane and on the road than not.

Kim-Marie Evans / Luxury Travel Mom

Kim-Marie Evans is the blogger behind Luxury Travel Mom and the Lux Travel Chat Twitter handle. She is full of great tips and advice to help families enjoy luxurious travel experiences.

Tiffany Dowd

Tiffany Dowd bills herself as a global luxury hotel expert. Her Instagram account is full of photos of amazing-looking hotels, beaches, and other luxury destinations.

Captain & Charlie

If you’ve ever dreamed of living on a boat, you need to check out Captain & Charlie. The couple left their jobs and now travel the world on a luxury yacht. Cue the jealousy.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb, the blogger couple behind The Planet D, have been to more than 100 countries. They’ve been named top luxury travel influencers by AdWeek and “Forbes,” and have been able to turn what began as a hobby into full-time careers.

Luxe Travel Family

Nancy Besharah of Luxe Travel Family dreamed of being a travel agent, until her dad convinced her that travel agents don’t actually get to travel. Today, she blogs about how to enjoy travel even with kids in tow.

Katie Dillon / La Jolla Mom

Katie Dillon created the blog La Jolla Mom to help families enjoy luxury travel. She has extensive experience with luxury hotels and travel, as she and her family lived at a Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong for four years.

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones, aka the Hippie in Heels, quit her job and moved to India to live on the beach several years ago. Today, she also writes for BravoTV, while showing the world how to balance being a free-spirited barefoot hippie with being a party girl.

Kristin Luna

Kristen Luna is a Nashville-based travel journalist and the blogger behind Camels and Chocolate. Her adventures have taken her to luxurious places such as the Maldives, St. Kitts, and Greece.

Naomi Jane Adams

Naomi Jane Adams has an Instagram account that’s full of vibrant colors, such as beautiful blue waters and pink cocktails. Originally based in London, she’s gone glamping in the Maldives, stayed at the Hilton in the Seychelles, and explored Mykonos.

Salt In Our Hair / Hannah and Nick

Luxury travel couple Hannah and Nick document their trips on their blog, and share photos of their experiences on Instagram. The pair also offers plenty of tips for aspiring content creators/influencers, and for people who just want to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing vacation.

Christina Tan

Christina Tan, aka Sassy Chris, has helped to create a Bali travel guide for “Forbes,” and is a social ambassador for “Travel + Leisure.” Her Instagram account is full of beautiful images of hotels and destinations around the world.

Loïc Lagarde

Loïc Lagarde is a travel photographer whose pictures will make you wish you were anywhere else. His photos include images of some of the most elegant places on the planet, including Paris and the Greek islands.

Jack Morris

Travel photographer Jack Morris is currently living the life in Bali. He spends much of his time traveling the world and seeing all the beautiful places with Lauren Bullen.

Lauren Bullen

It’s hard not to feel a bit of jealousy looking at Lauren Bullen’s photos. Her feed is full of shots of her relaxing on a beach (often in Bali, her home base for the moment), or otherwise living it up around the world.

Gigi Hopkins

Gigi Hopkins is the creator of It’s Beautiful Here, which is a collection of luxury travel guides. She’s also a travel writer and content creator who works with the likes of “Harper’s Bazaar,” “AFAR,” and “Conde Nast.”

Lucy Rose Laucht

Travel photographer Lucy Rose Laucht has an Instagram feed that’s full of jaw-droppingly beautiful shots. Along with her work as a travel influence, she’s also the founder of the hat company Tio y Tia.

Tara Milk Tea

Tara Milk Tea is a luxury travel influencer who’s mastered the entire lifestyle category. Her Instagram account includes plenty of photos of her relaxing in luxurious hotels, as well as partnerships with brands such as Chloe. Her captions are also pretty funny, and occasionally full of puns (such as “looking for a good thyme”).