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Ever dreamed of quitting your day job, hopping in the van, and heading out onto the open road in search of adventure? That’s exactly what these 25 van life YouTubers have done. They’re living life in the fast lane, searching out new experiences, and sharing them with their growing audiences on social media.

1. The Indie Projects

Theo and Bee started their YouTube channel in 2014 to document their travels in Europe. They now share all aspects of their lives on the road with an audience of more than 172,000 subscribers.

2. Kombi Life

Kombi Life is a “first-of-its-kind adventure travel series about van life.” Join over 454,000 subscribers tune in regularly to see Ben and Leah travel around the world, experiencing the highs and lows of alternative living.

3. We’re the Russos

Who are the Russos? Ask their 93,000 subscribers on YouTube, who follow the ongoing adventures of Joe and Kait as they travel full-time in a camper van.

4. Hobo Ahle

Hobo Ahle is “homeward bound by means of adventure.” Her channel shares the reality of vehicle dwelling, and provides travel hacks and advice for over 288,000 subscribers.

5. Enigmatic Nomadics

In 2011, Jamie bought a van on Craigslist for $2,000, setting in motion his life of adventure on the road. He says that if you enjoy travel, adventure, and uncertainty, you should join his audience of 63,000 subscribers.

6. The Matneys

Even if you’re living a life of uncertainty, regularly scheduled content is a great way to build and maintain your audience. The Matneys have managed to build an audience of 115,000 subscribers by putting out a new video every Saturday.

7. Mercedes-Benz MYVAN

Mercedes-Benz MYVAN covers stories and reports about how people use their Mercedes-Benz vans, dealing with all aspects of van enthusiasm and van life.

8. Dylan Magaster

For Dylan Magaster, conquering the open road was only the beginning. After backpacking South America, he toured in a converted van before finally hopping on a sailboat to explore the Mediterranean. What’s he doing next? Over 472,000 subscribers are waiting to find out.

9. Ronny Dahl

You don’t have to live in a van to have a van life. Ronny Dahl’s channel covers all aspects of being a 4×4 enthusiast, including off-roading, touring, and camping. Over 223,000 subscribers enjoy a new upload every weekend.

10. Sara & Alex James

Sara and Alex (along with their dogs Bambi and Nugget) live a life of full-time adventure and fun in their Sprinter van, with 62,000 subscribers along for the ride.

11. Jinti Fell

Jinti, Chris, and Ayana spend their days exploring Australia by van. Their channel covers all aspects of an alternative life on the road, including health, travel, minimalism, and veganism. They have an audience of 419,000 subscribers.

12. Eamon & Bec

This cute couple from Toronto lives full-time in a self-converted Sprinter Van. Their channel is all about the adventure associated with wanderlust, with a healthy dose of vegan cooking thrown into the mix. They have over 147,000 subscribers.

13. Nate Murphy

As if a life on the road weren’t adventure enough, Nate Murphy is also a rock climber “trying to do cool stuff.” His cliff-hanging experiences have over 133,000 subscribers on the edges of their seats.

14. Into the Mystery 13

There’s no mystery as to why Jed has managed to amass an audience of 39,000 subscribers. They’re enjoying his journey to becoming the best version of himself while living in a van in the United States.

15. Wandxr Bus

Many people who enjoy a nomadic lifestyle share it with someone special, so a lot of the van life channels feature couples. Wandxr Bus is the brainchild of Sabrina and Jimmy Horel, who left their old careers behind to go on life’s journey together. They have 87,000 subscribers.

16. AdventureVanMan

It’s good to have a YouTube channel that makes it clear what viewers can expect, and the AdventureVanMan channel gives 47,000 subscribers exactly what they would expect from the name.

17. Element Van Life

While some van life channels want to give people a glimpse of an alternative way of living or to take them on a guided tour of a country, channels such as Element Van Life actually seek to inspire other people to try life on the road. The channel has 38,000 subscribers who want to know more.

18. Campervan Kevin

His name’s Kevin, and he lives in a campervan. What more do you need to know? It’s a simple recipe for building an audience in excess of 45,000 subscribers.

19. Where’s My Office Now?

Where’s My Office Now? is a fascinating channel that seeks to shatter the myths about van dwelling. From frank discussions about whether this lifestyle is over-romanticized to interviews with other nomads, this channel provides a new perspective on life on the road for its 25,000 fans.

20. Caravan Carolyn

Carolyn is a retired cop-turned-van-dweller, who share her stress-free life with over 47,000 subscribers on YouTube.

21. Jax Austin

Like many others, Jax Austin quit his job and sold everything to travel the country. He’s now a full-time van life travel vlogger (video blogger), exploring in a retired school bus to the delight of more than 26,000 subscribers.

22. Will Prowse

Will Prowse started living in his van out of desperation following health problems. Now he uses what he learned the hard way to educate his 45,000 subscribers, and anybody who is new to vehicle living.

23. Kaya Lindsay

Kaya creates “female-focused adventure films.” She travels the country, interviewing the women she meets on the road and sharing their stories with her 25,000 subscribers.

24. Mr and Mrs Adventure

With 19,000 subscribers, this may be the smallest channel on the list, but it’s big on adventure. Mr and Mrs Adventure publish new content every week.

25. Max & Lee

Here’s another couple that is madly in love with each other and life on the road. They know the power of a regular content calendar, and upload a new video every Sunday for their 277,000 subscribers.

Final Thought: Maximum Overdrive

Quitting the rat race and heading out on the open road may seem like the ultimate way to leave big business behind, but these van life YouTubers are actually well-positioned to make big money. Through influencer marketing and advertising, they’re generating good incomes to fund their carefree and fun endeavors. Sometimes less is more, and a minimalist lifestyle is the best way to live life to the max.