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Some people have no problem adopting the newest technology. The instant a new gadget comes out, they’ve got their hands on it and have figured it out. Apps, new tech and software pose no problem for them, especially if there’s a guide. But what about influencer marketing software? Until now, there wasn’t a guide to influencer marketing software integration. Introducing the Non-Technical Guide to Influencer Marketing Software Integration!

Software helps to simplify influencer marketing. If you’re working for a brand that uses influencer marketing or are part of a marketing team that wants to improve its influencer marketing processes, using a software platform is often the way to go. The same is true if you work with an agency that manages influencers.

But we get it — you’re not a techie. That’s why we’ve put together this user-friendly, non-technical guide to influencer marketing software integration.

The Non-Technical Guide To Marketing Software Integration

What Is Influencer Marketing Software?

There’s actually no one single definition of influencer marketing software, since the software can do a wide range of things. The variety of software packages available for influencer marketing means good things and not-so-good things.

Let’s start with the good things. Influencer marketing software can help you put together a campaign in several ways. One popular form of influencer marketing software is a marketplace or platform that lets brands and marketers search for, find, and connect with influencers. Often, influencer marketplaces are based entirely online, and are available on a pay-as-you-go model (meaning you don’t pay a monthly free or pay for access to the marketplace).

In some instances, influencer marketing software is a type of SaaS, or software as a service. Don’t panic when you see that funny-looking acronym. SaaS just means that the software comes to you over the internet. If you use email, you’re already using a form of SaaS, according to Microsoft.

SaaS is actually ideal for the tech-phobic, since you don’t have to physically install the software on a computer, explains Salesforce. The company providing you with access to the software is able to manage it remotely, meaning any and all updates can take place without you having to lift a finger.

The Non-Technical Guide To Influencer Marketing Software Integration

Finally a guide to the ins and outs of Influencer Marketing Software Integration! This Non-Technical Guide lays out all the approaches both top brands and agencies take integrating Influencer Marketing Software to their marketing mix. See how influencer marketing software integration streamlines workflows, helps marketers maintain managerial oversight, and mitigate proper FTC disclosure risks.

Inside the Non-Technical Guide to Influencer Marketing Software Integration, you will learn:

  • What Is Influencer Marketing Software
  • What Influencer Marketing Software Does
  • Who Needs Influencer Marketing Software
  • 4 Types of Influencer Marketing Software
  • 5 Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing Software
  • How to Get Started with Influencer Marketing Software
  • 4 Things You Need To Successfully Implement an Influencer Marketing Software Solution
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The Non-Technical Guide To Marketing Software Integration