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If one company has already created a software that streamlines the influencer marketing process, letting you connect with creators, produce content, and amplify or distribute that content, why on earth would your company need to do the same thing In marketing and other areas, there’s innovation, and then there’s forcing yourself to reinvent the wheel. Fortunately, white label influencer marketing software provides you with what looks like a custom-built product, without the need to build anything from scratch.

What Does White Label Influencer Marketing Software Mean?

A white label product is simply something that is produced by one company, but that wears the label of another. If you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joe’s and marveled at how their products taste very similar to, if not the same as, some competitors, you’ve seen white labeling in action.

White labels are also fairly common in the tech and marketing worlds. For example, Dell computers are usually made by different brands, even though they end up on store shelves with Dell’s logo and model numbers on them, according to Techopedia.

You’ll also see instances of white labeling with software. One company might produce a SaaS (software as a service) product, then license it to other companies. Although the software is the same no matter which brand or company uses it, it looks different. For example, Company A will attach its logo to the software and use its preferred color scheme, while Company B will add its logo and its own preferred color scheme.

What Do You Need to Use White Label Influencer Marketing Software?

Not all editions of Software Guide can be a white label. For example, if you’re using an edition of a software with very limited features, such as a pay-per-click or pay-as-you-go version, you won’t be able to slap your brand’s logo and color scheme on it, making it look like someone from your company created the software.

Usually, white labeling is available to companies that are licensing the software, or that have subscribed to it in some way. Typically, it makes sense to white label a software product if you are working for an agency that manages influencers, or for a marketing company that serves a range of clients who need influencer marketing.

Since influencer marketing software tends to be cloud-based, you don’t need to have fancy equipment. As long as you have access to a computer that can go online, you are able to log into and use the software. In some instances, the software program might also offer a branded mobile app, so that you don’t even need to use a standard computer to access it.

Benefits of White Label Influencer Marketing Software

Along with helping you avoid reinventing the wheel (and the time and effort that would require), using white label influencer marketing software offers your company several other benefits:

Eliminates the need for a dedicated tech team at your company.

When you partner with a company that produces influencer marketing software, you usually get a dedicated team who’s there to answer any questions you have or solve problems as they come up. That means your company doesn’t have to hire a team to create and manage the software. Support and management comes with your subscription/licensing fee.

Provides support when you need it.

Your account team is there to answer any questions you have. The support team can also help with training and getting your employees up to speed on using the software, either through online or in-person training sessions. When you use a white label product, you also get support direct from the “horse’s mouth,” as it were, as the people helping you out are the people who know the product best.

Lets you enjoy the features and quality of industry-leading influencer marketing software.

Do you browse Google Play or the app store? You might notice that there are lots and lots of copycat apps out there. Maybe one or two of those apps are as good or even better than the originals. But they are usually lower quality or shoddy. Why go through the trouble of building your own software or app to potentially get a shoddy product? White label influencer marketing software lets you enjoy all the benefits and features of a proven product.

Saves your company money.

Yes, you pay a monthly fee to use white label influencer marketing software. But, white label influencer marketing software is more cost effective than designing your own program from scratch. Not only do you save money, you end up saving time. That’s because the program works from the get-go.

How to Start Using White Label Influencer Marketing Software

Ready to start using white label software? Whether it’s onboarding your own influencers or managing campaigns for clients, there are a few things you need to begin. First things first, you want to examine what options are available to you based on your budget.

White labeling is typically available with more feature-rich software packages rather than pay-per-click options. But the subscription rate can vary considerably. You might be able to find a white label software package that has limited features. That could be simply the ability to bring on a team of creators and to promote content. That will run you only a few hundred dollars a month.

Want more features, like the ability to manage a campaign from start to finish? Or, you may want to be able to customize it to the software package for your brand? You can expect to pay a few thousand per month.

That might sound like a lot of money. But, in the long run, you’ll be saving time, frustration, and ultimately cash. But only if you take the white label route rather than building from scratch.