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More than half of all marketers in the US have some past-year experience with influencer marketing campaigns, according to the 2017 State of the Creator Economy study (SOCE). Influencer marketing budgets are getting bigger and bigger. The SOCE found that two-thirds of marketers had a stand-alone budget for influencer marketing, and that one-third had a budget of more than $500,000.

If you’re got the money for influencer marketing and your company is itching to go forward with it, what’s the next step? You need to put together a campaign to actually put influencer marketing into action.

Not sure where to start when it comes to putting together a campaign? We’re here to help. We’ve put together this guide so you know what to do to get one up and running.



Introducing the Influencer Marketing Campaigns Guide

When putting together an influencer marketing campaign, you want to set goals and objectives just as you would for any other campaign. You also want to have a budget and figure out what is the best way to reach your audience. Ideally, your influencer marketing campaign will align or coordinate with your brand’s other campaigns, such as a content marketing campaign or a more traditional advertising campaign.

In the new ebook, “The Influencer Marketing Campaign Guide,” you’ll learn exactly what you need to know in order to get your campaign up and running, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up an Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • The various components of Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • The top 5 benefits of an Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Examples of top-performing Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • How brands can partner with Influencers for Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • The benefits of macro vs micro-influencers
  • How to choose between Influencer Marketing Software or a DIY approach to Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes a little help can make all the difference. You want to know what it takes to make an influencer marketing campaign succeed. That way you can get yours off the ground. The Influencer Marketing Campaign Guide is here to help.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Guide