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It can be daunting to start planning an influencer marketing campaign, but with the content and influencer marketing tips below, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Content and Influencer Marketing Tips: General

1) Do your research and find the right influencer for your brand. Make sure they fit your brand personality and values.

2) Start with influencers that may already be a brand loyalist. After all, an influencer campaign is about building trust between your brand and your customers.

3) Let your influencer’s personality shine through. Their followers will be able to tell when the influencer is being fed lines.

4) Know your budget and the worth of your content. Good influencer marketing tips: because it’s relatively new, many influencers try to charge ridiculous amounts of money to promote content.

5) Follow FTC laws. Influencers must disclose when they are being compensated to promote a product.

6) Monitor your influencer to ensure they are following FTC laws. In the end, your brand is responsible for making sure the rules are followed.

7) Look beyond follower count. Reach is important, but engagement can be more valuable.

8) Integrate your influencer campaign with other marketing initiatives. One campaign or tactic is not enough to grow your business.

9) Analyze the results of your campaign and take action from your insights.

10) Identify niche influencers and their audiences.

Content and Influencer Marketing Tips: Content Specific

11) Be unique. In 2014, Google indexed more than 30 trillion pages of content. Focus on contributing valuable information, rather than adding more of the same noise. Unique perspectives will get your content noticed.

12) Be authentic.

13) Identify key performance indicators early in the planning process and set goals around them.

14) Verify the web traffic, followers and reach of an influencer.

15) Don’t discount micro influencers. They can be more valuable than major celebrity influencers.

16) Embrace the level playing field. “Social media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master and servant, to peer to peer.” – Jay Baer

17) Keep the customer’s needs ahead of your own. Your campaign will fall into place from there.

18) “Our research shows that real life influencers who are passionate about what they are recommending have significantly more buying conversations, and consumers are more likely to act on their recommendations.” – Brad Fay

19) Exact influence is extremely difficult to measure, but link data can help answer some of those questions.

Content and Influencer Marketing Tips: Influencer Specific

20) Influencer (a.k.a. Sponsored Social) Marketing continues to be seen as a legitimate and highly-regarded marketing approach among consumers who have seen such messages. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

21) Develop a relationship with your influencer before asking them to promote your product.

22) Avoid one-sided relationships. Remember that your influencer is also a customer that expects to be treated with respect.

23) Invest in tools to keep track of influencers, campaigns, and metrics. “Doing influencer outreach well requires using the right tools. Software… goes a long way in helping PR and marketing pros parse the ever-crowded realm of the internet to find the best influencers in your industry.” –  Chad Pollitt, On Tools

24) Make the first move. 93% of bloggers enjoy being approached by brands.

25) More influencer marketing tips tie in with email marketing in terms of cost effectiveness. For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses make $6.85. The difference is that influencers can reach new audiences, while email marketing engages with consumers already familiar with your brand.

26) Influencers expect compensation, but they will often negotiate, especially when product samples are included. Marketers indicate that cash and free products/services remain the dominant forms of compensation for Influencer programs in the U.S., and about 1 in 4 indicated they have provided no compensation to Influencers at some point.

27) If you have a younger target audience, make a beeline for Instagram influencers.

28) “Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.” – Twitter

29) Consider using an influencer marketplace for a streamlined process to find influencers that fit your brand.

Content and Influencer Marketing Tips: Advanced

30) For experienced marketers, self-service influencer marketing software can make it easy to run in-house influencer campaigns.

31) Create a publishing plan, and set firm expectations of your influencer.

32) Another influencer marketing is organically based on platforms that support images and videos, your brand’s visual content will be remembered far more than when heard.

33) Keep updating your influencer list – the industry changes quickly!

34) A brand can be an influencer, just like an individual.

35) Influencer marketing is a way to combat the increased use of ad blockers.

36) 71% of consumers rely are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals. – Social Media Today

37) As a bonus, backlinks from influencer sites to your brand’s site can boost SEO and create better search engine rankings.

38) American consumers visit 1-3 platforms daily, so a multi-channel content strategy can increase both reach and frequency. Across the 20 popular subjects that dominate today’s news feeds, the average U.S. consumer reads 207 articles and visits 398 websites per month. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

39) Of companies that invest in content marketing, 50% set aside budget specifically for influencer marketing. A third of Marketers surveyed are now dedicating over $500,000 per year for influencer marketing – up 25% from the previous study. Over half of Marketers surveyed have stand-alone budgets for content marketing, with 29% investing over $500,000 per year. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

Content and Influencer Marketing Tips: State of the Creator Economy

40) Content and influencer marketing have shown a steady increase in effectiveness since 2014, while traditional media (like television and newspaper) continue to steadily decline in effectiveness. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

41) 63% of content marketing is done by in-house teams. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

42) YouTube and Facebook are among the strongest social platforms for influencer marketing, averaging 98% and 95% market penetration annually. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

43) If your budget only allows for one platform and your main metric is frequency, invest in Facebook which stands above the rest in terms of visits.

44) Consumers tend to follow “average, everyday” people on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. Conversely, consumers are interested in following more famous people on Twitter, and YouTube. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

45) The average American presents 20 daily content marketing opportunities for brands. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

46) Content marketing is trending towards simpler and more visually appealing content and the platforms that support them. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

47) There is a major disparity between the cost of acquiring an influencer and what clients assume is the average cost. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

48) 70% of marketers are using content marketing, but only 54% are engaging in influencer marketing. – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

49) As marketers continue to learn more and grow more comfortable with content marketing, budgets specifically for that tactic will continue to grow.

50) Three influencer marketing tips to effective sponsored social messaging include: 1) content creator credibility, 2) product experience, and 3) resulting follower respect.  – 2017 State of the Creator Economy

Bonus Tips

51) Your competitors’ content can provide useful insight into what you should be producing. While Caseo certainly doesn’t advocate plagiarism, it’s worth noting the styles and formats that create successful engagement with other brands in your industry. – 25 Easy Tips for Creating Great Content in 2018