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Do You Have a Personal Brand?

By July 22, 2009June 3rd, 2019Community

What are you doing to build your brand?

We’ve talked about it multiple times here on the blog, but the topic of personal branding is always worth revisiting. It’s a vital part of growing a social media content creator’s audience and reach. After all, for these folks branding is the one thing others can identify with and recognize them for. Whether is exploring video, venturing out to industry events (or starting your own), or organizing Tweetups in your local neighborhood…these are all things you can do to extend your brand. This very topic is what Ted Murphy will be covering at his keynote session at our upcoming blog conference.

If you’re heading up to NYC for Affiliate Summit East in a couple of weeks be sure to pick-up a copy of FeedFront Magazine – you’ll find an article (like the one below) contributed by Ted, and a tease about what he’ll be covering at IZEAFest. You might also want to look for several of our Insiders while you’re there – they can tell you a thing or two about developing personal brand.


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